The mountainous nation of Iceland is actually an island located in Atlantic Ocean between America and Europe. A significant portion of the country has glaciers cover but there are also numerous geothermal hot- spots in Iceland which is also spelt as Island in English.



Spain is one of the European countries that you can never miss to travel. The country lies within the Iberian Peninsula, where the Mediterranean Sea ends to its western corner. The culture of the Spanish is admired worldwide because it is exotic in every aspect, whether by its cuisine, its fashion, and other social standards.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul serves as the cultural, administrative and financial capital of Turkey and it is the most populous city in the country. It is one of the world’s largest cities with a population of almost 20 million and in 2010; it was limited among the three major culture capitals in Europe.


The Scandinavian country of Norway is well known for its deep, complex fjords along its western coast. The country has great varied scenery consisting of mainly tall mountains and rocky wilderness.

Bermuda Island

Located in Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is an overseas territory of Britain, situated off North American coast. The self governing territory of Bermuda has nine parishes with the notable ones being St. George’s Parish, Hamilton Parish and Smith’s Parish.