The North American country of Mexico borders USA and Belize to the north and South east respectively. The country boasts of incredibly extensive coastlines on Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico as well as Pacific Ocean on its western parts.


The Nordic country of Sweden has a population of 9.5 million people. Bordering Finland and Norway, the Oresund Bridge connects Sweden to Denmark and Arctic sits on its northern parts.


The Scandinavian country of Denmark comprises of a Peninsula mail part known as Jutland and several islands with the major ones being Funen and Zealand. Denmark has a rich history and once used to be a major European power center in the north and has over time transformed into a prosperous, modernized nation.


Canada is the largest North American country and the second biggest in the world by size after Russia. The country is well known for its vast landscape that is almost untouched. With its multifaceted historical background, the county features an amalgamation of different cultures and is among the world top tourist destinations.


The densely populated Western Europe Republic of Belgium borders Netherlands on its North, France on its south and Germany to its east and Luxembourg lies on the South east. In its development efforts, Belgium has come to have some conflicting demands when it comes to agriculture, industrialization, transport and urbanization.


Barbados has for long been referred to as Little Britain due to the strong relationship that the island maintains with its British colony. Barbados is well renowned for its world class, spectacular water sports like the Soup Bowl surfing.


Australia has a reputation as one of the top global tourism destination thanks to its rich touristic resources which include natural wonders, deserts and beaches. Being a largely urbanized country, most of the tourism attractions in Australia are located in the cosmopolitan in some of the big cities like Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.