Hong Kong – Amazing cultural destination

Hong Kong is a major tourism destination for China and an important hub in East Asia with global connections to many of the world’s cities. Hong Kong’s lifestyle is a blend of cultures of the Chinese with those from other Asian countries. That is the reason for the diversity of cultures displayed in Hong Kong. The territory of Hong Kong is generally mountainous with less space for level ground, and some rocky islands that lay near the island city. Communication in Hong Kong is by the Cantonese language with most of the locals; however, if you come across a learned official he or she can converse with you in English. Hong Kong is also an important historic site with so many archeological findings about the early man and first human settlements to be established in the island over 30 millenniums ago. Thus, visiting Hong Kong is a whole lot of interesting findings and much fun activities in the bustling city and its beaches.

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There are many ways of entering Hong Kong. For international travelers coming from abroad can alight at the Hong Kong International Airport, Shenzhen International Airport, or the Macau International Airport. If you alight at the Hong Kong International Airport, you will have to board the Airport Express train, a taxi, or the Airport Shuttle Bus. The helicopter is another means of travelling to Hong Kong, but it is for the luxury-goers. The Sky Shuttle is the name of helicopter Service Company that transports its passengers from the Maritimo Terminal in Macau to Shun Tak Heliport in Sheung Wan. If you happen to be in one of the ports of mainland China or at Macau, there is a ferry at the either of the ports that can reach you to Hong Kong. You can also opt to entre Hong Kong by car ride if you are from the mainland China, using the highways that connect mainland China to Hong Kong Island.

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Hong Kong offers a huge choice of accommodation from the cheap basic setup to super luxurious comfort for accommodation. Most accommodation facilities are linked to the city centre by modern and well-maintained transport facilities. However, note that the hotels, lodges, guesthouses, inns and other forms of tourist accommodation present within Hong Kong City are very high at averagely $600 per night. Most of the rooms provided by these facilities appear to be less spacious, and the least budget for the cheapest form of accommodation in Hong Kong is $150 per night. If you are trying to get to Hong Kong trough Manchester, UK, follow this link:


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The Hong Kong people dine the Chinese way. To dine comfortably in a restaurant or hotel in Hong Kong, you have to know how to use the chopsticks. However, to escape the ignorance and embarrassment, eat light food from the fast food joints, and then treat yourself for dinner in the restaurants. Dinners are usually served with a fork, knife, and spoon. The Chinese dishes are interesting and savoring for anyone who gets a glimpse of the servings. The Chinese know how to match tastes very well. Some of the local popular dishes to find in any restaurant include the Dim Sum, which contains shrimp, chicken, veggies, pork buns, rice noodles, and the tasty soy sauce. Seafood dishes are also available alongside the unique Hong Kong tea brands. Rice is a common recipe you will never miss in any eatery you find in the city.

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Touring Hong Kong engages tourists to lots of fun and adventure in this massive island. There is not only a city to hang around for shopping and other city life social facilities, there are also the secluded beaches, marine parks, and nature parks to indulge in the peaceful arena away from the hustle and bustle of the city. One of the activities that a local tour guide will take you to is the walking tours around the culture and lifestyle of the Chinese people.

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Visiting the Victoria Peak is also a memorable advantage because it gives you the glamorous wide view of the Hong Kong Island. Tourists also get to learn about the rich heritage of the Chinese through visiting their historic shrines and temples as well as the Hong Kong Museum of History. You can also indulge in the Chinese festivities that occur regularly in Hong Kong, so you have to know about their timings to have a chance of experiencing the fun during the festivities.

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