France is a popular destination in Europe renowned for its fabulous and elegant fashion in various social sectors. France has a high number of tourist attractions. A republic borders European states namely; Germany, the U.K., Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland. France boasts an attractive landscape and numerous coastlines at the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Atlantic Sea to the west and the English Channel to the north.

Most of the geography of France is hilly and mountainous with a small portion at the north to the west that is covered by plains and gently rolling hills. Paris, the capital city of France blasts with interesting attractions like the Eiffel Tower, and romantic venues that are attractively designed for honeymoons or dates. The city has advanced facilities as well as other parts of France since the country is developed with a strong economy.

Most foreign visitors enter France through the main international airport in Paris known as Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. The national carrier, Air France, and other foreign carriers namely; Aeromexico, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, Alitalia, and Dutch KLM serve the airport. Many other airports within France operate international flights to major European cities, and cities in North Africa. Alternatively, people in England and Ireland can use ferry transport to arrive at the coastal ports in France.
The ferries that operate between England and France are P & O Ferries, DFDS Seaways, My Ferry Link, LD Lines, Brittany Ferries, Condor Ferries, Celtic Link Ferries, and the Irish Ferries. The United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal have train connections with France using the Eurostar, Thalys, and Intercity trains. Countries within Europe are also accessible to Paris, France by Eurolines buses.
France has comfortable forms of accommodation for outdoor activities and for those who would stay indoors. Tourists who go for outdoor activities like hiking can use camping sites that are next to the hiking sites. Camping sites are located away from the city. The organizations providing the camping accommodation also offer transport information of Camper Vans for those who would like to travel to the city or to other areas that can be accessed by vehicle. The camping sites are completely equipped with all the necessities from the washrooms, to the restaurants, bars, and swimming pools. For those who would like to stay indoors, you can choose rental apartments, hotel accommodation, or holiday cottages.
France has an admirable cuisine as long as it is served properly. Many fine restaurants, hotels, and fast food joints serve French dishes and western cuisine. The well-known fast food joint in France is McDonalds, which is an international chain and it sells American snacks such as hamburgers. There are also foreign-based restaurants that serve Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Italian dishes. The unique long baguette loaf, pastries, veggies, game meat, seafood, cheese, beef, pork, frog’s meat, and the Bourgogne snails characterize the local French cuisine.
There are many tourist sites to visit in France. France beholds a lengthy history that has left behind historic monuments for the world to witness the historic events. Other sights to see are significant natural features like the Camargue River delta, which is the largest in Europe, national parks, the Mont Blanc Mountain at the French Alps, and the French Riviera. France also hosts a large number of art museums that display collections of remarkable painting art by legendary artists, one of whom has granted France the originality of the globally noticed painting of Mona Lisa.

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