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Traveling to New York is a great experience of American life. There are so many unique sights to explore that you will never find your trip boring. Amazing places to visit is the highest point of New York known as The Empire State Building, several museums, and parks. This is one of the most popular cities in the world and attracts so many tourists from all over the world. NYC offers attractions like no other place on the planet. Being here will leave every tourist speechless. New York City is a famous place and is almost everybody’s wishing to visit. The city takes its regular economic activities to a high level so you may always find the streets busy. Fine restaurants and huge, luxurious hotels serve nice dishes using the latest recipes. Taking a stroll around the city can give you a chance to even meet just a few celebrities and the paparazzi.

The Empire State Building is one of the highest stations to stop over while in New York City. Climbing the building is a long-distance, but reaching its roof site is a sweet fruit to enjoy. Standing at the top of the building will give the eagle’s eye above the whole city. The view extends to the farthest end of New York City, so you will get to see every building, park and the Pacific Ocean at the beach right from the top of this building. Witness America’s humbleness towards their foreign visitors at the site of the Statue of Liberty. This statue of a human being dressed in heavy, robe clothing raising a burning torch in his right hand, has been a center of attraction for many local and international visitors. It is a symbol of freedom to immigrants who enter America to settle and have a better life. This statue was erected during the French Revolution.

Take a ride into the pre-historic dinosaur era in the American Museum of Natural History. This incredible museum houses a delightful collection of well-organized remains of several dinosaur species and some developments of prehistoric man. This museum was established and started operating in 1869. It is a fun place to visit, find new ancient discoveries and interact with the past.

If the rush and hustle of New York City become tiresome, then the best place to keep away from the bustle and enjoy peaceful, fresh air is inside Central Park. This park has become a getaway for many people working in the city. Its importance is proved by its long-term existence since one and a half centuries ago was it was built as a welcoming and relaxation paradise. You can find a place to sit and admire the environment and the calm, large pond, enjoy a boat ride around the pond and have a picnic with your loved ones in this same park!

Discover the most amazing collection of art in America at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This art museum has millions of artworks that will keep you gazing, commemorating and admiring these unique, pure, artistic pictures. It is an appealing museum and a lovely place to discover the beautiful part of our planet earth through art. The Museum of Modern Art showcases a wide variety of creations from painting, sculptures, films and several architectural designs that are waiting to delight you in this museum. Everybody, even children, can see the vast collection of this museum.

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