Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko is located in the southwestern parts of Bulgaria and it is famously known as the birthplace for the well known Bulgarian revival movement. The town is relatively small and getting around is quite easy and walking around to the various destinations is nice.

Silkeborg, Denmark

Silkeborg is located in Jutland, Denmark. Tourists travelling to this part can take a bus or Rail from Copenhagen or Arhus via Skanderbeg. Hjejlen refers to the company which operates several boats and also refers to the region’s oldest boat.

French Alps

The French Alps refer to a chain of mountains in Europe referred to as the Alps. These mountains are primarily attractive to most people as they offer great outdoor activities like the Alpine mountaineering and skiing.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv ranks second after Jerusalem among the largest cities in Israel and it is well known for housing the largest number of foreign embassies. Tel Aviv is a representation of a highly thriving and modernized Israel metropolis.