Silkeborg, Denmark

Silkeborg is located in Jutland, Denmark. Tourists traveling to this part can take a bus or Rail from Copenhagen or Arhus via Skanderbeg. Hjejlen refers to the company which operates several boats and also refers to the region’s oldest boat. When traveling by this boat, you will be thrilled to note that it makes stops in many places that are quite interesting and it is undoubtedly the best way to tour the area. Also, traveling with Hjejlen gives you an opportunity of experiencing a ride in the original, highly reverend steam paddleboat. Many interesting things are worth seeing in Silkeborg starting with the AQUA which is a freshwater aquarium that contains birds, otters, and fish. You can view these big tanks when you are both inside and outside the building.

There is also a touch tank where those interested can easily pet the fish and enjoy a great time. The Silkeborg art museum is also found nearby and it is home to a large collection of Asger John and visitors can also proceed onwards to the paper museum. The Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad is a place of great natural beauty and it is magnificently surrounded by some beautiful protected forest where the Art Centre is located. This Art Center was established at an old spa facility which has over the years gone through a meticulous renovation.

Another attraction in Silkeborg worth spending your time at is the Bunker museum which is home to a wide range of top-notch attractions. Make sure that you go for a boat ride as it is definitely worth the time and money. Himmelbjerget is a great place to go for some walking and it literary translates to the sky mountain. On its top, you will find the famous tower and there are restaurants, kiosks, toilets, and restaurants located near the top. Riverboats usually take tourists to the sky mountain as they usually stop here momentarily after which they proceed on with their journey. If you are looking for a great dining outlet, you will be thrilled to know that there are many restaurants near the paper mill where you can catch your delicious cuisine.

Michael D is perhaps the most famous restaurant in the area and offers some cheap menus that even the budget travelers can afford conveniently. The Café Eval is another very popular place where you can catch most if not all of your delicacies. Most travelers come here for tapas and good beers, steaks, pasta, and also some delicious burgers as well. The main course at this restaurant is the pasta or tapas.

There are so many other restaurants especially near the shopping streets at the main square. The most notable one being the Restaurant Gastronisk Institut where you will find some fine wine and food and sandwiches here are reasonably priced as well. There are many and varied types of accommodation facilities in Silkeborg with the most notable ones being Radisson SAS and Scandic.