Lake Tahoe, California

Straddled at the border of Nevada and California, Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular regions for recreation and vacation in America. The largest city nearby is Reno in Nevada which is usually a hub of touristic activities especially during winter and summertime. Most tourists will travel to Lake Tahoe from all over the world during summer to engage in hiking, boating, and golfing. During the winter season, most people are engaged in ice skating, skiing, and snowmobiling. Other activities however take place around the year such as gambling, shopping, scenery viewing and eating, and drinking in the fine restaurants and pubs found in the region.

Tahoe City is one of the major towns near Lake Tahoe which has a much more relaxed atmosphere and less crowded. Other cities and major towns include Truckee, South Lake Tahoe, Stateline, Tahoe Vista, Homewood, Incline Village, Crystal Bay, and Kings Beach. Seeing the beautiful views of Lake Tahoe fro, Homewood Chairlifts is one of the best experiences you can have during your vacation in this region. Make a point of also seeing the mountain valley when you are going on a hike up on the Emerald Bay hike trail. Some mountain ranges in Nevada have hillside letters marked on them and are also worth seeing as well. Rumors have it that pilots used to use them when flying their planes over and acted as their directional guides. Local farmers in the region continue to take good care of these letters even up to date.

As highlighted above, there are many interesting activities worthy of doing during your visit to the Lake Tahoe region. You will be thrilled to spend a great time here with your family members and friends. To start with, make sure that you don’t miss to go for horseback riding as there are many places that you can enjoy this activity. Most of the stables found here usually offer well-guided trails and you can go for horseback riding in the mountain ranges. There are many providers of horseback riding tours such as Camp Richardson Corral, Cascade Stables, Northstar Stables, and Squay Valley Stables. Besides, Lake Tahoe is home to many ski resorts which have immensely contributed in enhancing the touristic value of the region.

Most of the ski resorts found in the region are well designed to meet the needs of snowboarders and skiers. Also, make sure that you go for hiking in one of the many parks found here like Emerald Bay State Park and Bliss State Park. Beaches in Lake Tahoe region are many and beautiful and include the likes of Sand Harbor, Chamber’s Landing, Meek’s Bay, Tahoe City and Emerald Bay.

While most of these awesome activities are seasonal, gambling is a popular all year round activity that you will enjoy. Golf enthusiasts also have their interests well catered for as there are many golf courses here as well. Finally, shopping addicts will also be pleased with the wide range of relatively cheap products sold here.