Dresden, Germany

Discerning tourists grew fond of visiting Dresden for its picturesque natural setting and interesting history, culture and tradition. This is a home to many of Germany’s interesting museums and monuments, remarkable artworks, well-preserved architecture and so much more.

Silkeborg, Denmark

Silkeborg is located in Jutland, Denmark. Tourists travelling to this part can take a bus or Rail from Copenhagen or Arhus via Skanderbeg. Hjejlen refers to the company which operates several boats and also refers to the region’s oldest boat.

Berlin – The Capital of Germany

Berlin City is the capital of Germany. It is the country’s largest city and very popular for its past associations as the capital of Germany, internationalism & tolerance, many caves, lively nightlife, bars, clubs, numerous museums, street art and museums alongside other attractions of great historic interest.

Munich, Germany

Munich is the capital of the Bavaria region of Germany. It is one of the most populated cites in the country, which is contributed by the high population of its suburbs. It is also a centre for some international affairs like business and research, and it s home to excellent international research universities.