Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and it is also the provincial headquarter of Ontario. It is one of the mightiest cities in North Africa. Thanks to Canada’s highly liberal policies on immigration and the strong economy of the region, Toronto has grown to become one of the most ethnically and most culturally cities in the world.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong translates to fragrant harbour. Today, Hong Kong is a place of different personalities due to its great influence by both the ex- British and Cantonese Chinese. Hong Kong is one of the major tourist destinations in China, mostly visited by the affluent population.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in upper Valais, Switzerland, Zermatt is a village where car driving is not allowed. It is a very popular destination for mountaineering and skiing. While the village has breathtaking surroundings, this comes at a great price and accommodation facilities in Zermatt are extremely expensive.