Algarve, Portugal

Situated on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, Algarve is Portugal’s southernmost place and Faro is the capital of the region. It boasts of being the hottest tourist destination in Portugal thanks to its clean beaches that comprise of unpolluted and cool water. Besides, the fact that the area is overall welcoming and friendly, very safe, and cheap makes it the most obvious destination for tourists visiting Portugal. Algarve is culturally rich and has great diversity. For visitors searching for a tranquil calm setting or world-class fast-paced resorts, you can find either of these at Algarve. Most of the resorts have attendees who speak English which still adds on to its popularity.

The entire Algarve is just about 5400 sq. km and has more than 100 different and very beautiful beaches. For tourists that are more into nature, there are plenty of options to choose from ranging from Monchique Mountain to Ria Formosa and Sagres cape and Caldeirao mountains. These mountains have more than 30 well-marked hiking trails. Even though the local population is slightly below 500, 000, Algarve receives tourists more than ten times this number per year. July and August are the busiest months of the year.

The Algarve coastal areas were devastated by an earthquake and a tsunami that brought everything almost to a stop in 1755. However, since then, Algarve has remained quite safe from such earthquakes, and tourists should have nothing to worry about as it is now completely safe.

Algarve enjoys a friendly Mediterranean climate. Getting around is easily done by buses or trains. However, the best way to experience Algarve is by use of a car and many car rental firms offer cheap car hires. Lagos is the old city located inside the remaining of an old protective wall. There are several winding streets with wonderful restaurants and quaint shops.

Silves is a red stone castle and the road leading to the castle is quite narrow winding via rural areas. Mount Monchique is a perfect place to go beaching. Road network in Algarve is pretty good and most of the attractive areas are easily accessible. Tourists visiting Algarve can fly in through the Faro Airport and can take a car to travel to Algarve. Visitors interested in suing a boat can use the ferry service which ferries people from Santo Antonio to Ayamonte.

The most popular cuisine served at Algarve is the famous Piri Chicken which is deliciously hot and spicy. Since the area has rich and big coast, tourists can also expect to find a wide range of seafood and fish including sardines as well as sweet dry fruits. A traditional drink known as Medronho is a must-taste when in Algarve. Sleeping options are many and carried and some of the most affordable hotels include Apartment Barbara, Casa Jana, Golden Clube Resort Cabanas as well as the Dunas Douradas Beach Club and others. Algarve is one of the safest and most visited tourist destinations in Portugal.