Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Located near Botswana and bordering Livingstone, Zambia, Victoria Falls town is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is a popular destination for tourists especially the sightseers and adventure seekers. It offers plenty of many opportunities that will warrant you to stay here for a much longer time than you had initially planned. As package tour operators in Zimbabwe increasing add back Victoria Falls to their tour itineraries, the number of tourists visiting the falls has incredibly increased. It has become the busiest tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. This has however led to increased price-fixing and cartelization which has seen the cost of activities and accommodation facilities become suspiciously high.

The locals refer to Victoria Falls as The Smoke That Thunders and it is among the most amazing world sites. Victoria Falls is twice the height of Niagara Falls and several times longer. Even though it is not the greatest, the widest or the highest water volume, this is a sight that you can’t afford to miss. Unfortunately, most visitors are always confused as tow which side to visit, either the Zimbabwean or Zambian side. When it comes to this, the two most important factors that you should consider are cost and view of alls. The truth f the matter is that majority of the falls, two thirds to be precise lies on Zambian territory including the famous Livingstone Island.

Tourists are allowed to visit Victoria Falls all year round. However, you can expect a different experience based on the specific season you are visiting. During the rainy period which falls between December and March, you can expect the volume of water to be wonderfully high and the falls get even more dramatic. Anyone visiting the falls is guaranteed of getting wet but with such a high water volume, you are obscured from getting a view of the real fall. During the dry period which runs between April and October, the volume of water is much lower and tourists are assured of clearly seeing the falls and it is pretty spectacular but somehow underwhelming.

If you are staying at budget accommodation options including swanky hotels downtown, you can manage to walk to the falls. Most of the interesting places are located within a 3 km radius from the falls. Hotels that are located a little far away from Victoria Falls offer transfer services to the falls and cabs are also an ideal alternative as well. Victoria Falls is regarded as the world’s seventh wonder and standing beside this great falls is a moment that you will remember a lifetime. In addition to visiting the falls, tourists can also keep themselves busy with the numerous water and land-based activities.

For water-based activities, canoeing, white water rafting, and sunset cruises are worthy of the experience. At the bridge, you can enjoy bungee swing or bungee jumping, gorge swing, rappelling, and flying fox. Helicopter rides, horseback safari and elephant rides are also enjoyable activities in Victoria Falls.