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New York has a wide range of social facilities and tourist attractions that keep visitors carrying on with their fun tour in this state of the U.S.A. Tour guides are available in New York to guide tourists around the state and the New York City, which is too large for any newcomer to get lost in the corners of the streets of the city. Accommodation facilities are plenty and they are differently designed to best meet the homing needs of tourists.


One of the activities you can indulge in while in New York is sight-seeing the unique tourist attractions of the state. The Statue of Liberty is a major center of attraction to every local and foreign visitor that visits New York. It is a huge tall structure of a human being dressed in wrapped up clothing and holding up a burning torch as a symbol of freedom for the settlement of foreigners in the United States of America.

Explore the prehistoric era in the American Museum of Natural History. Get to find interesting species of dinosaurs and other huge animals that existed millions of years ago and learn some facts about the development of man. Take a tour of the two super galleries: the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. They will amaze you with millions of incredible, creative paintings made up of renowned, talented artists.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art also has a collection of historic and superb paintings by popular artists of the past decades and centuries. Arrange for a picnic with your loved ones at the Central Park. This park is a peaceful park that is a few kilometers away from the busy New York City. It is a place to find fresh air and relaxation. You can sit in its grassy compound, ride a boat at its calm pond and take some snacks with your loved ones.

Treat yourself to the Film Forum in New York. Here you can choose the movies to watch and settle in its hall at the time when the movie will be played on a large widescreen. Seek for a whole view of the New York City from the empire state building. The building is one of the highest buildings in the city. Its top roof is used as a balcony where people can stand and enjoy a high sky view of the whole city in which you will see every part of the city including its coastline that meets with the Atlantic Ocean. Get a ticket to the Bowery Ballroom to get a glimpse of the music concerts held in this hall by talented, musical artists. It is a place for music lovers, and it will excellently satisfy your musical needs.

New York Coty is a large city with many streets aligned with nice ships and luxurious hotels. Stroll around the city with guided support from tour guides in case you are not sure of the streets and corners of the city. Enjoy a sumptuous meal in the hotels and shop for useful items in the shopping malls.

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