Montreal, Canada

Montreal is the economic and political capital of Quebec, Canada. It boasts of being Canada’s second-largest city and it is extremely rich in history, culture and has been rated as one of North America’s liveliest cities. Central Montreal is home to Ville- Marie borough and consists of downtown Montreal that is characterized by skyscrapers, museums, shopping, Parc du Mont-Royal and Concordia and McGill Universities. Old Montreal houses all the historical aspects of Montreal and it is a great place to visit. Other districts in Montreal include the Plateau Mont-Royal district, Rosemont-La Petite Patrie, Outremont, South West, and others.

Over the years, Montreal has grown to become a popular center for arts, culture, aerospace, computer technology, the biotech industry, and media. Most of the historical buildings are found in Old Montreal and some of them date as back as 17th and 19th centuries in addition to numerous museums. You will be amazed at how most of the buildings are quite beautifully lit up. Then there is Le Plateau which combines notable scenic residential streets that are perfect for dining and shopping. Downtown Montreal is home to many skyscrapers, museums, McGill campus, and churches. There are underground arcades that connect several blocks in the city and allow comfortable shopping and walking especially during foul weather.

Parc Jean Drapeau was a site for the World’s Fair in 1967 and has over the years developed into a large venue for a concert and green spaces. The racing circuit of the Grills Villeneuve is home to the famous Montreal Formula 1 Prix. There is also an artificial beach which has since been built and there is also the well known Montreal casino, a huge pool complex at the outdoor which are all at the park. They are all close to the Insectariums, Olympic Stadium, Biodome, and Jardin Botanique. The Rialto Theatre is just nearby and it is one of the city’s most iconic buildings. There are graceful and elegant details and the theatre has of late been revitalized and reanimated. It is open to multicultural and multilingual tours, plays, events, bands and movies and so much more.

Another place very popular with tourists is the Casino de Montreal and you can also visit the famous La Ronde as well. During the winter season, most parks usually offer a chance to participate in cross-country skiing in the groomed paths. You can ask around for the best parks in Montreal where you can go for cross-country skiing. Ice skating is yet another activity that is very commonly practiced most of the time.

Water sporting is yet another activity that you will not miss ranging from water surfing to kayaking and others. There is also an interactive biking map for those interested in biking and there are many pleasant places where one can go for skating and cycling. Such places include Parc Maisonneuve, Parc Jean Drapeau, Lachine Canal, Riviere des Prairies, and others. Parks like Square Saint Louis are also key attractions in Montreal as well.