Canada is the largest North American country and the second biggest in the world by size after Russia. The country is well known for its vast landscape that is almost untouched. With its multifaceted historical background, the county features an amalgamation of different cultures and is among the world top tourist destinations. It is also featured among the top wealthiest countries in the world and it is also technologically rich, just like its southern neighbor, the U.S. The country has a British heritage and life for most of the Canadians is just happy.

Canada is home to many cities and visitors to this great land are always confused about whether they should go. All the cities are quite distinctive and very hospitable to tourists which makes them worth a visit. The national capital is Ottawa, housing famous government monuments such as Parliament Hill and many museums including the famous Museum of Civilization. Calgary is the financial city of Canada but is also famous for non-business tourists. It is home to the famous Calgary Zoo, Calgary Stampede, Calgary Tower and shopping at the Atlantic Ave or Chinook Mall is always an awesome experience.

Other key touristic cities in Canada include the Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver. The largest and most visited Canadian city is Toronto, it is the business, entertainment, cultural and media center of the country. Major landmarks in Canada have their home in Toronto such as CN Tower. There are also many museums, recreational parks, beaches and sports avenues in Toronto as well.

Montreal is a world-famous city and the largest metropolis in Canada. It houses some of the country’s finest museums, galleries and venues with festivals being common as well. If you ever happen to go to Montreal, make sure you don’t miss Saint-Denis and Mount Royal shopping centers. Quebec City has a gorgeous architecture and has a look and feel of a typical European city.

Vancouver is the birthplace for West Coast Urbanism and most condominiums feature steel and glass giving the city an extraordinary natural beauty. The famous Winter Olympics were held here in 2010. Bear watching and wildlife viewing are common things that tourists can do during their visit. Cultural heritage in Canada is diverse with annual events and festivals being common especially those celebrating the national multicultural landscape. In Canada, April is generally the start of the season of music festivals.

Tourists taking a holiday vacation in Canada should also not miss paying a visit to some of the major national parks like Jasper, Algonqin, Banff and Yoho National Park. Accommodation facilities in Canada show a substantial variation in cost and largely depend on place and time. Some of the top touristic cities can be quite expensive and you should be prepared to pay $100 plus for good hotel rooms. Hotels in a Canada are key aspects of the country’s history and major landmarks in Canada are hotels. As such, these hotels not only offer sleeping options but are tourism resources as well.