Most Important Questions to Ask a Charter Flight Agency

You don’t have to own your own aircraft for you to enjoy the luxury of using private flights. You can simply find a company that offers charter flights that meet your needs.

We all agree that charter flights make it convenient, easy, and fun to travel to Cuba or to any other destination in the Caribbean. When talking of the decision to choose a jet charter company for your business or personal travel needs, we all know that it is something that you don’t want to take lightly. There are lots of important factors to consider to ensure that you are using the company or agency that meets all your unique needs in the most satisfactory manner.

As you think through your options with the top operators around you, there are important questions you can ask. The answers to these questions will help you ensure that you are making the best decisions. Let’s go through some of these questions.

Where are your Aircrafts Based?

It is important that you use an operator that has a fleet of jet charters within your primary location. When you use a local fleet, the overall cost of the charter will be driven down, keeping the extra repositioning fees to a minimum. This is very important for those who want a luxurious charter flight to Cuba but still don’t want to incur unnecessary expenses. For example, many large charter flight companies usually have what is known as a floating fleet. For starters, this simply means that the repositioning costs are typically built into the hourly rate. You should consider using aircraft at the airport that is nearest to your location.

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What Types of Aircraft are in your Fleet?

Aircraft are typically designed to fit a narrow scope of missions. In case Cuba is an overseas country, the best operator will be the one with large cabin aircraft options. But if you are just in the neighboring country, you will be good with a turboprop aircraft with renowned short runway performance. You will be safe with an operator that offers a wide range of various aircraft size options. Such an operator has the ability to offer you the right aircraft as your needs change.

Do you have Round-the-Clock Phone Support?

When flying private, things can and will always change. It is actually the nature of using charter flights. You should have access to flight coordinators at any time of day or night just in case you need to change your plans. They should be available to pick your call at any time. When asking this question, pay attention to finding out that it is not an answering machine. You should be able to communicate with a live person who has direct ties to dispatching the jet charter.

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For how long have you been in this Business?

Well, don’t get me wrong. Being a new company is not actually a bad thing. However, the truth is that having vast experience in the larger aviation industry is important as it can mean everything. Ensure that the company has been offering charter flight services to Cuba for some time.