Useful Tips about Packing Your Bag for a Flight

Traveling is a passion for many people and they want to visit different places in their free time. So they need to be accustomed to all the baggage rules laid by different airlines. They should know what to pack for their upcoming tours and what things should be avoided to prevent problems during the checking at airports. There are certain things that cannot be packed in cabin baggage but are allowed to be packed in the checked baggage.

Important notices for passengers regarding their baggage

Guard your bags – Passengers are alerted not to accept any extra luggage from strangers, which may contain illegal materials that may land them into legal disputes later. They should not leave their bags unattended at the airport before or after their air trip, where anyone else can slip anything dangerous inside the bag unnoticed.

View from the window of the airplane at the sunrise. Landing in Bangkok, Thailand.

No inflammable or explosives – No airline allows passengers to carry inflammable liquids, like petrol, gasoline, or kerosene, even in an aerosol in a plane. Inflammable gases, like butane, are also banned from carrying on flights. Explosive solids, like fireworks or gunpowder, cannot be carried in either of the cabins or checked baggage of a flight passenger.

Take care of personal items – Passengers need to take care of their expensive belongings while on the plane, like laptops, mobiles, or tablets. Some people also carry costly digital cameras and music players in their cabin baggage, which should be kept safely, to prevent theft during the journey.

No unhealthy materials – Passengers are forbidden to carry any kind of toxic substances in their bags, which can make them and other co-passengers of their flight fall ill. Poisonous materials, like insecticides and weed-killers, are prohibited to be carried in the bags of people traveling by flights. Radioactive chemicals are also harmful to human health, particularly for children and pregnant women, for which these things cannot be carried on flights.

Weapons not allowed – Passengers cannot carry guns or any kind of firearms in their bags while boarding planes, except for special circumstances of life threats. They should not carry other deadly weapons, like knives or grenades in their baggage, which may make them labeled as terrorists. However, people can carry self-defense items, like a licensed gun, pepper spray, nunchaku, in their checked baggage and they should be able to give a reasonable explanation for carrying these things.

Sports goods not in cabin bags – Passengers are asked not to fit in boxing leaves, golf clubs, hockey sticks, cricket bats, or baseball bats in their cabin baggage, which makes these large bags difficult to be stored. Many of these sports items are quite heavy and inconvenient to carry, for which they are treated as banned items in cabin baggage. However, sportspersons can carry them in their checked baggage.

Sharp tools not allowed – Passengers need not carry tools having sharp edges that can cause injuries, like knives, axes, and saws. Heavy tools, like hammers, wrenches, and pliers, are also excluded from the list of things to be carried in the cabin baggage of a passenger.

However, passengers can seek permission from the airline authorities if they need to carry banned items under special circumstances. If anyone is carrying an aerosol in a plane containing harmless liquid, it should have a relevant label on it to avoid the hassle.