Visit the Philippines on a budget

One of the most visited countries in Asia by tourists from all over the world in the Philippines. It is regarded to be among the best budget travel destinations for all budget-friendly people. It is known for its enchanting seas, white sandy beaches, friendly locals, mesmerizing sunsets, tropical vibes, etc. There are many families who have already traveled to this country multiple times and plan to do more trips.

This country has just about everything to cater to all interests. You can get to see the pristine coral reefs, towering volcanoes, underground rivers, lush jungles, mammoth caves, enchanting waterfalls, etc. The list is simply endless. You can also camp in the jungle and check out the WWII ruins or move through the limestone caves.

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Budgeted activities to undertake in the Philippines

  • Food & Beverage: You can come across different types of street food that are priced at $1 or even less for a plate. Tourist-centric restaurants are known to charge around $5 to $20 for a meal. Manila and other posh districts of the country will require you to spend more on food and beverage. Rum is more affordable when compared to some soft drinks. You can also try some beers sold on the street. Do remember to order tasty Filipino foods. You can order halo-halo dessert (condensed milk, ice shavings, boiled sweet kidney beans in small chunks, tapioca, and coconut gel). Also, have pancit (fried noodles) or fried spring rolls (lumpias). They all cost about a dollar or even less.
  • Accommodation: In the Philippines, posh backpacker hotels are expensive. Dorm bed charges for a night can be around $18. Fortunately, there are hundreds of budgeted accommodations available outside Manila. At Palawan, you can come across dorm beds offered for about $5 a night. Shacks present on the beaches and local guesthouses are much cheaper when compared to hostels. However, some hostels provide air conditioning and Wi-Fi facilities included with the charges. Shacks may charge $2 a night.


  • Transportation: Flights can be expensive. Long-distances buses also ply between bigger islands like Luzon. But ferries are the best choice to travel if you are short on budget and have more time in hand.
  • Other activities: There are numerous institutes and clubs here that offer tourists the opportunity to get a diving certificate. They charge very little for the diving lessons provided like less than $25. Snorkeling is also cheaper. You can easily get snorkeling gear for just around $3 to $5 at various beaches.


How much to spend during your stay in the Philippines depends entirely on your budget, preference, and lifestyle habits. Boracay and Manila are quite expensive than other places. At some of the less-known locations here, you can have a great time by spending only $35 a day.

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