Best Places to Visit in North Portugal

North Portugal is a highly populated region of this country, which is favored by tourists due to its warm and pleasant Mediterranean climate. Porto is the prime city of this region, recognized as a global city and World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Therefore, there are many tourist sites that can keep foreigners busy throughout their tours to this region. Reputed travel agencies can guide their clients about the best things to do in Porto.

A tour along Douro River – Tourists can enjoy a cruise ride along Douro River that will help them to have a good look at Porto city, which is the second-largest city in this country. They can enjoy a glimpse of several historical monuments of this city while aboard the customary Rabello boats. The scenic beauty of Douro Valley is also an added bonus for tourists when they continue boat rides, enjoying the warm sunshine of the Mediterranean region.

A visit to the wineries of Porto – This city is also famous for manufacturing the most delicious wine called Port, after the name of Portugal. Thus, tourists cannot miss tasting this sweet red wine that is often served as dessert. They visit the most renowned wine cellars close to Dom Luis I Bridge where they can taste this ancient wine, which is an object of pride here since the 17th century. People also enjoy this wine with mouth-watering local cuisines at the oldest wine Houses or the bars of this region.

A pleasant visit to Livraria Lello – This is a landmark bookstore in Porto, which is famous for housing numerous books in huge bookshelves extending from floor to ceiling. It is also well-known as the source of inspiration to J.K. Rowling for writing the magical series of Harry Potter. Tourists also admire the Neo-gothic architecture of this building with beautifully carved wooden panels and skylights made of stained glass.

Take a stroll on Paiva walkways – Tourists can enjoy walking over the Paiva walkways or Passadicos do Paiva, which is built along the Paiva River. It is an 8 Km long walk, consisting of multiple suspension bridges and wooden stairways. People can admire the natural beauty while walking around here.

Enjoy a tour of Bolsa Palace – This building is named Palacio da Bolsa, which means Stock Exchange Palace. It was built in honor of all Portuguese traders of this city in 1910. Tourists are amazed to see the remarkable interior décor of the Hall of Nations, the staircase, and all the rooms of this huge palace, for which they need 45 minutes for the complete tour.

Visit Mercado de Bolhao – This marketplace, also known as Bolhao Market, was built in 1914 in the city center of Porto. Tourists can buy various Portuguese artifacts, including food products cultivated by local farmers in the shops located around a huge courtyard here.

Apart from the above-mentioned tourist activities, foreigners are also guided to visit Braga, the religious city of Portugal with several churches, along with Archbishop’s Palace and the Tower of Santiago. A visit to the nearby cities of Viana de Castelo, Amarante, and Guimaraes, the fascinating villages of Lamego and Praia da Costa Nova, and Peneda Geres National Park also count among the best things to do in Porto.