Dusseldorf, Germany

On the western side of Germany, there sits a city that is teeming with ancient architecture, immortal art, and social life which can be compared to some of the world’s huge and high-profile cities. Found along the River Rhine, Dusseldorf also sparkles with pleasant scenery and natural wonders. But what makes this city popular to the world are its colorful festivals, lively events, and unbeatable trade fairs that draw attention from tourists all over the globe.

Visitors coming from different countries enter Dusseldorf via one of its major airports, while those coming from nearby cities have the option to enter either by train or by car. Dusseldorf has an efficient transport system and excellent road systems which makes roaming around the city a breeze. Guided tours are usually the choice of the tourists, as this assures them that they will not miss out on any of Dusseldorf’s significant attractions. Driving a private car while sight-seeing is a good option as well.

Being a tourist-friendly destination, Dusseldorf has two Tourist Information centers where people can get free brochures and travel guides on what to see and do during the trip. The Old Town or Altstadt is usually the first in line in the itinerary. It may reflect the true beauty of a historic town but it is also the place for letting out the social life. There is a concentration of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, and night bars in the area, which makes it worthy to be seen and experienced.

Königsallee is a popular district due to its full array of shops and department stores. An exclusive and attractive part of Dusseldorf, Königsallee is defined by a canal that separates this stunning avenue. The Sevens Mall, which is famous for its glass roof, and KO-Gallerie, housing about 130 shops and boutique, are only two of the many shopping centers that surround the district. Sipping freshly-brewed coffee in one of the street cafes is a great way to cap off the shopping activity.

For witnessing Dusseldorf’s important art and historical treasures, K20 Kunstsammlung and the K21 Kunstsammlung are the places to be. Here is where some of the masterworks of Picasso, Beuys, and Paul Khee are highlighted. Deutsche Oper am Rhein, the famous opera company, originates in this city and if they are scheduled to perform in Opernhaus Düsseldorf, their world-talent is worth watching. With the River Rhine within its borders, a relaxing boat ride is the popular choice to appreciate and witness its majestic appeal. The route takes visitors to the preserved baroque palaces in Burgplatz to the ultra-chic Medienhafen, with a stroll along the Altstadt in between. Nature sights such as the river, nature reserves, green landscapes, and scenic routes balance the cosmopolitan vibe Dusseldorf exude.