Dresden, Germany

Discerning tourists grew fond of visiting Dresden for its picturesque natural setting and interesting history, culture, and tradition. This is a home to many of Germany’s interesting museums and monuments, remarkable artworks, well-preserved architecture and so much more. Not to mention that the locals are friendly and the city-wide facilities are efficient which makes this a tourist-friendly destination. The historic center and Old Town of Dresden is pretty compact, and exploring the area can be easily done by walking or biking. There is an excellent transportation connection, so transferring from bus to train is convenient. Tourists also have the option to bring their car or join a group tour. Riding a pedicab along the streets of the Old Town gives out a different kind of experience. The serenity and beauty of Dresden are best seen during summer, but it is fine to travel in this part of Germany at any time of the year. The historic district is unarguably the prime spot that jumpstarts the Dresden trip. Notable attractions here include Zwinger Palace which is the perfect mirror of the Baroque architecture.  Theaterplatz is one of the country’s finest squares, and the striking features of the square include its well-manicured garden and the statue at the center. The imposing beauty of the Catholic Court Church is always attention-catching due to its high tower and the 78 statues in its balustrades, not to mention that the interior, composed of intricately-done altar and pulpit, are incredible. Neumarkt used to be the city’s most beautiful square, but it still has the Baroque architecture and attractive streets that draw tourists. Along the way, there are museums and galleries which greatly contribute to making Dresden’s tourism alive.

This region is also known for being a host to many of the country’s lively festivals and events. Bunte Republik Neustadt or Colorful Republic Neustadt is an annual festival where local talents, food stalls, and trade booths are the highlights. Dixieland Festival, hailed as Europe’s biggest Jazz Festival, happens in this city. What is intriguing to tourists is the Film Nights, where a huge screen is staged along the banks of the Elbe River, and apart from movie watching, there are also musical concerts graced by celebrities. Dresden is one of the places where most of the famous festivals in Europe are carried out, and these happenings are all worthy to be discovered and experienced.

Because Dresden is a major tourist destination, local and international restaurants have sprawled in the historic center. Most of them are overpriced, though, so it is advised to be very wise in choosing where to dine out. The tasteful and affordable ones that come at a decent price are mostly found in the city’s east side.  The hotels, on the other hand, range from different budgets depending on the kind of amenities they offer. From hostels and bed and breakfast to luxurious and high-end, there is a home for everyone spending the holidays in Dresden.