Nova Scotia, Canada

Nicely sitting in eastern Canada, Nova Scotia, or “New Scotland” in Latin, is one of the country’s three maritime provinces and is included among the four Atlantic provinces. Being enveloped by the ocean, Nova Scotia becomes a place where you can experience the majestic sea and its cool air.  Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of the nation and its compact size makes it easy for you to hop from one attraction to another.

You enter the beautiful province of Nova Scotia through Halifax Stanfield International Airport. Shall you travel by sea, four ferry services will connect you to this Canadian province. Because of its modest size, the adventurous ones get around by biking, hiking, or sailing for a spontaneous exploration. However, for attractions outside the Halifax area, a car is necessary. Buses have regular routes in all major roads of Nova Scotia, so getting around via public transport is pretty much convenient.

Since Nova Scotia is packed with a good variety of attractions and things-to-do, exploring its every corner requires staying in its majestic premises for quite a while.  From high-end hotels and resorts such as Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel and Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa, to the homely B&B’s like The Stella Rose Bed and Breakfast and The Wellshire Bed and Breakfast, it will never be hard to choose a home for the holidays. For the thrill-seekers and unique travelers, there are also public and private campgrounds available for your kind of adventure.

Most of Nova Scotia’s attractions define what suburban charm is like. From revived fortresses to old-fashioned wineries, from wildlife to historic sites, there is something to please everyone. But one thing is certain: you will never leave Nova Scotia without experiencing the outdoors. The province boasts of over a hundred fresh and saltwater beaches where swimming and surfing happen.

Nova Scotia’s seacoast and serene lakes are ideal for a relaxing paddle and kayak, or if you want more action, the tides of Shubenacadie River are perfect for a rollercoaster-like rafting. After all the rush, Cape Breton Highlands National Park is an exceptional choice for slowing things down, where its stunning natural scenery can be best explored through hiking, trailing, or simply strolling. To achieve total relaxation, make use of the park’s beaches, waterfalls, and campsites.

If you have a penchant for good food, Nova Scotia will grant you a wonderful time. The province is known as a seafood paradise where Atlantic lobster, Digby scallops, and many types of fresh seafood are sourced every day. The Annapolis Valley, on the other hand, is famous for farm-produced foods and local wine. If you cannot make it to the valley, the farmers market is found in every corner of Halifax and the rest of Nova Scotia. And of course, the province takes pride in its world-class restaurants. Some of the dining places that are well-appreciated by tourists and food-lovers are Wild Caraway in Advocate Harbour, The Lobster Pound, And Moore in North Sydney, Valentino’s Ristorante in Mahone Bay and Chives Canadian Bistro in Halifax.