Acapulco, Mexico

With the stunning Acapulco Bay on its west and the jagged Sierra Madre on its east, there is nothing like the Acapulco when it comes to attractions and sight-seeing.  Acapulco has long been a famed tourist destination, an in-demand honeymoon location, and highly-sought by party people. With boundless opportunities from its majestic beaches to its relaxing spas, Acapulco has become Mexico’s most important destination.

General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport, also known as Acapulco Airport, serves as a gateway to Acapulco. Coming from the airport, the hotel’s car transfer facility or rent-a-car is the best way to get to the hotel or the desired destination. Taxis are also everywhere but take note that they are mostly unmetered and the drivers tend to charge a higher rate. Buses, shared-cabs, and rent-a-car services are popular choices when getting around Acapulco.

Acapulco has two magnificent bays that contribute to its glorified appeal. Santa Lucia, famous to its name Bahia de Acapulco or Acapulco Bay, and Puerto Marques have the incredible display of cliffs, golden sandy beaches, and lush tropical habitat. Most of the beaches in Acapulco are fronting La Costera or the main boulevard. The beaches here made Acapulco famous to the world, and some of the world-class beaches include Hornos or known as “the afternoon beach,” Tamarindos, Icacos, and Papagayo.

Some beaches are favored by surfing enthusiasts, such as the ones that are facing Fairmont Acapulco Princess. Adding to a relaxed and rewarding getaway are the spas that are mostly found in the state of Guerrero. If all the water-fun is done and there is still a time to spare, head to Taxco, the prettiest colonial town of Mexico. The city is defined by cobblestone alleys, laid-back plazas, and old-fashioned buildings. Here, the old soul of Mexico becomes alive and can serve as the perfect ending of the Acapulco holiday.

Acapulco is not just about crystal-clear water and golden sands; this destination is also home to highly-commendable and top-notch restaurants. Due to Acapulco’s diverse culture and tradition, the dining scene here is not just about authentic tacos and burritos. Here, a fusion of international dishes is happening to please every discerning palate. Among tourists, the most famous ones include Tonys Asian Bistro, La Casa del Pasta, Su Casa, Carmenere, Zibu, Becco Al Mare, and Sirocco.

Tourists regard Acapulco as their temporary home for the weekend, and it is easy to find the best accommodation that suits one’s lifestyle and budget. For a grand stay that offers luxury and upscale treats on the sides, high-end hotels such as Hotel Encanto, Las Brisas, and Quinto Real are popular choices. There are also specialty lodgings, inns, and B&Bs like Mar Azul, Pier d Luna, and Quinta Erika. Because Acapulco is such an alluring destination, it is easy to make this destination an escape to the hustle and bustle of daily life.