Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island is one of the Caribbean islands sitting in Venezuela. Endowed with palm-tree lined beaches and blessed to have the cool wind of the Caribbean Sea, t is easy to define Margarita Island as a paradise with tropical beauty. Apart from its wealth of natural attractions, Margarita Island also presents an inviting destination for shopping and dining. With all its irresistible attributes, Margarita Island is no doubt one of Venezuela’s famous tourist destinations.

This mountainous Caribbean paradise enjoys year-round sunshine that makes it possible to enjoy its stunning beaches. Just like its Caribbean neighbors, Margarita Island has all the amenities that equate to a remarkable vacation: exclusive beach resorts, world-class accommodations, lush and wide parks, astounding beaches, and distinguished dining areas. What is famous here are the beaches with varying characters and charm.

Windy or warm, with large waves or calm, crowded or secluded, commercialized or unspoiled, there is one that suits the kind of beach experience visitors look forward to. The compact size of Margarita Island makes getting-around smooth and easy. Castles and churches are relatively close to each other, as well as nature parks and reserved areas. One of the famous parks here is the Lagoon of La Restinga National Park, where apart from the dramatic scenery, eating the freshest catch of the day in a shabby hut under is the unique part of the adventure.

Another worthy trip is the Macanao Peninsula on the island’s far west. It is where most of the untouched beaches are found, and it’s being away from the crowd that permits it to be the best location for total relaxation and winding down. Apart from the beaches, Margarita Island also welcomes other forms of leisure activities including golf and horseback ride. And of course, the nightlife is commendable as well. Porlamar, the largest city of Margarita Island, has nightclubs, bars, and casinos tucked in its corners all geared-up to cater to people who pursue such a kind of amusement.

Because Margarita Island is a famed beach destination, restaurants have sprawled in this paradise over the years. To cater to varied tastes, preferences, and budgets, a wide variety of choices are evenly spread on the island of Margarita. Apart from seafood and famous Caribbean dishes, international dishes made its way to the island. Among the tourists’ favorites are Positano for Italian dishes, Le Baraque a Jean-Luc for French cuisine, and Umi Sushi Bar for Japanese culinary.

For the reason that the island cannot be explored for just a short time, staying and sleeping in Margarita Island has become a practice of visiting guests. Posada Casa Las Trinitarias, Margarita Real Boutique Hotel, and Posada Casa Mejillon are only a few of the best-recommended hotels and B&Bs found in Margarita, and with many more home-like accommodations situated in and around the island, there is one that matches the budget and preference.