Golden Triangle Tour – The Incredible India

“An arousing magnanimity of elated Indian tour comprising prominent cities of India, Golden triangle tour is every worth an experience”.

India embraces varied cultural and architectural wonders, tastefully combined in its different cities. Tourists can book their Golden triangle package and can experience varied cultures, ancient architectural beauty combined with India’s chiseled features. Package includes a unique combination of three most prominent cities namely Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.


So if you are planning to discover extremes of Incredible India, the best way is to book your package today and cherish its interesting history in the form of forts, monuments, rich art and craft, and royal romantic tales. Trip to India can be combined with fascination and enthralling experiences one can’t afford to miss at all. Read on to know about few Golden triangle packages including other cities of India as mention:

Golden Triangle with Goa

Enhance your excitement further with this package and experience the tropical beauty of Goa included in the Golden triangle tour. Tourists can very well add a pinch of double excitement to their India tour that highlights prominent attractions of Goa other than three main cities of the tour. Feel pristine the other tours as it is the most charming place to visit and explore the best tropical beaches in Goa.

Golden Triangle Tour The Incredible India

Few Goa tour highlights are entertaining nightlife, pristine beaches, colonial infrastructural buildings and historic churches which are the most fascinating tourist attractions of Goa. Visit Goa premises rigidly promises fun loaded, beach experience in backdrop of tranquil surroundings.

Golden Triangle Tour with Varanasi

Tourists can explore the sanctified city of Varanasi included in Golden Triangle Tour for an incredible Indian experience. This package attracts large tourists across the world as one can experience the heritage beauty of the city in the form of numerous sacred temples, Buddhist Stupas and, Jain temples. Tour can take tourists to a sacred visit that mirrors old-age Indian civilization and its old ethnic believe and rich culture.

Golden Triangle with Rishikesh

Golden triangle tour is itself a magnetic tour package for tourists worldwide and inclusion of Rishikesh makes it a delight. Visit to Rishikesh expands and enriching experiencing in wonderful bright colors of nature foothills of Himalayan ranges. The impressive panoramas and delightful snapshot views make it to a perfect tourist retreat. Rishikesh is rich in temple sites and ashrams which can help you meet thousands of pilgrims around the world.

Agra India

Choose your Golden triangle tour package today and make your incredible India tours a delightful experience to cherish in backdrop of impressive India.

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