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Thailand is one of the most amazing and interesting travel destinations in the world. It is a place which is offering some of the most incredible tourist attractions of any type. Thailand is a country with rich cultural and historical heritage. You will witness that by all the Buddhist temples, famous monuments, and lots of historical buildings, describing the history of this sacred place. This travel destination boasts some of the greatest islands and beaches in the world. There are tourist resorts & incredible activities such as boat trips and snorkeling that will take your breath here. The beaches are white and sandy, water is crystal clear and there are travelers from all over the world.

Thailand is offering amazing natural resources. It is a place with lots of tropical forests, a wide range of flora and fauna, a huge range of wildlife and some of the greatest marine parks in the region. There are so many things to do in Thailand. The perfect natural surroundings are providing wonderful conditions for various outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, rock climbing, biking, and many others. Thailand is also very popular for people who love birding. The range of all the different types of birds is enormous, and all those people are coming here, camping in some of the parks and exploring nature. You will get surprised by all those tourist attractions in Thailand.

Koh Tao Thailand
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Population in Thailand

Thailand is a multicultural country. Most of the citizens are ethnically Thai, but you can find people from different places, mostly from China and India. There are also lots of people that came from Malaysia and many other Asian countries that came to live in this country. There are somewhere around 65 million people living in Thailand. The largest city is the capital, Bangkok, which has more than 7 million people, a number that varies during the year, depending on the season.


Thailand is located in the central part of Southeast Asia, presenting the heart if this area. It is extended on 513,120 square kilometers, and if you look on the map you will notice that the shape of the country looks like the head of an elephant. Thailand is sharing its borders with Myanmar ( Burma ) on the north and west, Laos on the northeast, and Cambodia on the eastern border. On the south, the Phi Phi island tour is sharing the Gulf of Thailand with Malaysia. Read our article about the best places to go in Thailand.


The Thai language is the official language in Thailand, but because of the enormous development in tourism in the last years, most of the people in the urban area speak and understand English. This language is a mandatory subject in school, but in the rural areas, there are many people that don’t know it. The Thai language is spoken by around 90 % of the population in the country. There are lots of other dialects and tribal languages spoken in Thailand, such as Laos dialects, Chinese, etc.

Accommodation in Thailand

Thailand is a place where you can find a place to stay for anyone. This country is very famous for its great accommodation offers and deals it provides to tourists. The hotels here are some of the best in the world. Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation or you are traveling on a budget, you won’t get disappointed.

Hotels are offering everything a luxury hotel can provide, you can search for a bungalow on a beach if you need something more affordable, or maybe rent some of the stunning beach villas located few meters from the beaches all over the coast. No matter where you stay, you will be surprised by the way how local people treat tourists. They are friendly and warm, trying to help you with everything. This is why this country is called “Land of Smiles”.

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