Portugal is known as one of the best travel destinations in Europe among travelers that love to see a diverse range of landscapes, culture, summer resorts, and many other tourist attractions. Portugal is a place for every tourist. If you love sandy beaches, you will be surprised by the beauty of the most popular summer destination in Portugal, Algarve. The Center and the Northern parts of the country offer stunning scenery, cities are full of cultural and historical buildings and unique monuments and people are warm and friendly.

Portugal offers a great range of various tourist attractions. Probably the most attractive and most visited are the Madeira Islands, a tropical-like paradise destination which is attracting travelers from around the world. Together with the Azores Islands, Madeira is the most popular tourist place in Portugal. Some people say it is like Hawaii in Europe. Tourists are mostly spending their vacation in Portugal in some of those two destinations, but for those who are more interested in the rich Portugal tradition, history and culture, there are great cities such as Lisbon and Porto, as well as the smaller cultural villages and resorts.

Visiting some of those cities will give you great satisfaction. The mixture of history, culture, and tradition, together with a modern lifestyle is something that leaves no one indifferent. Those are famous cosmopolitan destinations that are visited by millions of tourists every year. There are lots of older architectural buildings and famous monuments around Lisbon and Porto that are describing the rich history of the brave sailors living here in Portugal hundreds of years ago. The museums that are keeping the remains of that period are very popular among tourists and are attracting a mass of people every day. There is a huge range of things to do in Portugal.

Lagos pedestrial area, Algarve, Portugal


Being a sunny country gives the advantage of Portugal to attract holidaymakers from any type. Portugal is a famous destination for adventure seekers as well. The country offers great natural scenery and perfect locations for hiking and climbing, fishing, diving, and snorkeling. Summer resorts are also famous for sailing opportunities. There are lots of local companies offering boat tours around the Islands in Madeira or the Azores Islands. Accommodation in the summer resorts is made to be affordable for any kind of tourist, whether you are traveling on a budget, or seeking for luxury services.

If you are looking to spend a luxury holiday in Portugal, this is a place that will make you satisfied. Some of the best golf courses in Europe are located in Portugal. The summer resorts are offering quality hotels with gorgeous swimming pools, spa and all the other services which top quality hotels are offering. Some of the greatest hotels there are located in castles, old monasteries, and manor houses. They are known as Pousadas of Portugal.

If you are traveling on a budget, there is a place for you as well. There are numerous lower class hotels that are not offering luxurious services but are decent and offering quality service. You should look for the Solares de Portugal, privately owned facilities ranging from amazing farmhouses to smaller houses affordable to anyone. Restaurants and clubs are similar to hotels. There are luxurious and fancy bars and restaurants, such as full and busy clubs which are vivid and visited by people from all over the world.

Braga Portugal castle


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