Things to do in Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal is definitely summer. It is the period of the year which shows this amazing country in the perfect way. There are many popular places to go in Portugal during all the year, but during the summer the number of attractions is much higher. If hot weather is not what you like, springs or autumns in Portugal are mild and pleasant so that can be a great time to visit this country too.

Visit a museum

Portugal is mostly famous for all the different historical and cultural heritage of the country. This is mostly because of the huge amount of museums, churches, and monuments made over five centuries ago. Museums in Portugal are some of the greatest attractions in the country. Some of the most famous is the National Museum of Ancient Art which is located in Lisbon, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, the National Museum of Natural History and many others located in almost every city around the country.

Visit a Festival

Portugal is a place where you will find lots of traditional ceremonies including lots of festivals that will bring the Portuguese culture in front of you. This is the best way to get close to local people and to find out how warm and friendly they are. There are tourists from all over the world, and their number increases every year. A part of this is the way how local people treat you, with a smile and friendly conversations. Visit some of the local festivals in Portugal and find out the way those people live in harmony.

Golf courses

If you are going on a luxury vacation to Portugal, you want to regret it. Accommodation in Portugal is on a top-level, hotels and villas are found everywhere. They are all offering great quality and affordable prices. If you like playing golf, you should visit Algarve. This is the place where the best golf courses are located in the country. Most famous are Pine Cliffs and Palmares and Salgados. Other places where you will be able to find quality golf fields are Madeira island, which doesn’t have lots of courses, but the quality is good and you will spend a good time.

Hiking in Portugal

The best way to get close to nature in Portugal is trough hiking around the greatest natural attractions in the country. The mild Mediterranean climate is perfect for this type of outdoor activity so you should get yourself included into some hiking tour and explore nature, enjoy the scenery, take a picture of the wide range of animal life, the large number of birds etc.

Eat & Drink in Portugal

Portugal is famous for the amazing cuisine. There are all kind of different local specialties offered in the restaurants, but you should know that almost before every meal, Portuguese people always take a soup. There are different types of soups, made of sausage, with addition of potatoes, rice etc.

When you talk about drinking in Portugal, wine is always on the first place. It is a habit for local people to have wine during their meals, and after that as well. Having a quality wine produced in their country is making it easy for everyone to have couple of bottles of wine in their home.

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