Florence and Wangi Falls – Best To See In Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is a prominent tourist attraction close to Batchelor town in the Northern Territory of Australia. Numerous local and foreign tourists visit this park throughout the year, due to its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The main attractions of this park are seven waterfalls, which are interconnected by sealed roadways where cars can be easily driven. There are also some walking tracks that are ideal for a long bushwalk amidst the lush greenery. Read about 5 days Litchfield National Park itinerary from TravelSpicedLife

Florence Falls

One of the most important tourist attractions of Litchfield National Park is Florence Falls, which is also called Karrimurra in the local aboriginal language. It descends from a height of 210 feet through a series of natural levels made on the hillside on a height of 32 – 49 feet. It is located on the northern side of this park, where tourists can easily reach by driving on connecting sealed roads. It is located 80 km to the south of Darwin city, the capital of the Northern Territory.

Tourists also enjoy hiking on two walkways close to this waterfall, namely Shady Creek Walk and Florence Creek Walk. Shady Creek Walk has a distance of 1.2 Km, which is labeled as an easy walkway. Florence Creek Walk has a longer distance of 3.2 Km but it is also labeled as an easy walk for hikers. The pool created by the plunging water of this waterfall is a popular place for swimmers, due to its crystal clear water.

The serene surrounding of Florence waterfall is filled with the monsoon forest, with a huge variety of flora and fauna for nature lovers. The most admirable viewpoint is only a 3-minute walk from where the car ride ends. Apart from this wet monsoon forest, tourists also enjoy the scenery of the dry plateau region created naturally around this waterfall. The pool can be reached by climbing down through 160 stairs and there is a resting place halfway for people who may feel tired.

Wangi Falls

Wangi Falls is another popular waterfall in Litchfield National Park, which tourists do not miss while visiting this place. It is located on the western side of the park, where tourists can reach it easily by driving on sealed roads. This waterfall jumps from a height of 276 feet through several natural tiers, which are seen at the height of 135 – 171 feet. Actually, it is a dual waterfall that plunges through the rocky hillside where one segment looks very narrow while winding through the notches along the rocky cliff.

The pool formed at the base of Wangi Falls is popular for swimming but it remains closed during the days of heavy rainfall. Moreover, crocodiles are spotted in this pool sometimes, and then it is marked as dangerous for tourists. So it is better to read the signs before jumping into the water for swimming. However, the pool becomes safer during the dry season when crocodiles seem to retreat to the deeper ocean.

People feel mesmerized by the beautiful rainbow formed by the sun rays on the water drops around this waterfall during the daytime. Different animals, like kangaroos and fruit bats, are seen around this peaceful place. There is a walkway that leads to a viewpoint around 100 m from the sealed road, from where tourists can watch the entire surrounding area of this waterfall. They may also walk along a 1.6 Km looping walkway to reach the top of the hill from where the waterfall has plunged.


There are other waterfalls, like Tolmer Falls, Tjaetaba Falls, Surprise Creek Falls, Tjaynera Falls in Litchfield National Park. However, tourists are more inclined to visit Florence Falls and Wangi Falls while sightseeing in this famous park of Australia.