How to pack light for any destination in the world?

Have you ever traveled abroad for a longer period of time and the most stressful thing about your trip was your baggage? Dragging all of your bags around the airports and the city can often feel like you are carrying it on your back? Knowing how you feel, we decided to reveal a few secret tips to help you reduce your bags to only one single piece and a light one as well!

Know your destination

The key to packing everything you need is to get to know the place you are going to. How can you do that, you ask? Easy, read all you can about it but focus on finding comments from people who have already been there. Have a friend who visited that destination? Even better! Ask about the weather conditions, activities that require some special equipment, and what is usually the thing you can not buy in that location. You should know one thing, these days it is rare that basic necessities are not widely available in most popular tourist destinations.

Check the price of your ticket and how many bags are included

When you are planning a trip, everywhere you turn some extra expenses turn up. Avoid this by buying the ticket early and what is more important, find out how many bags are included in the basic (usually the cheapest) deal. Any extra bag you carry may cost you as much as the ticket itself. But what could even be worse than paying more is the energy you would need to spend carrying all those bags around.

Remove all ’just in case’ items

How many times has it happened that you pack some extra shirts or shoes just in case you need them? Too many, right? Usually, all those things you pack thinking you may need them, end up on the bottom of your bag never seeing the light of day. Pick 2 pairs of shoes you wear the most, one for rainy one for sunny days, a couple of shirts and pants and a jacket (depending on the destination and the period of the year). Sometimes, if you are planning a special occasion, pack an outfit accordingly. Believe it or not, this should be it.

Avoid packing food unless there is something you truly can’t live without. It takes a lot of space and it mostly ends up wasted. Any place you are traveling to has its own specialties you will be eager to try and you definitely won’t be hungry.

The bag you choose can be important

In some cases, the bag you have chosen to carry can weigh a lot, and packing only half of it can already reach the limit. If you are planning to travel a lot in the future, invest in a high-quality bag. Soon it will pay off since these days they are made of special materials that are light and endurable. Your valuables will be safe and you will feel like you are traveling only with your passport and a wallet.

There is not a place in the world these tips would not apply to. Do some research, get ideas from a good Travel Blog, and start your traveling experience. Pack light to travel the furthest and soon you may see yourself making a sudden plan for a short trip since you already have your bag waiting and ready to go!