Pompeii, Italy

Italy is known to have a multitude of tourist destinations, one of which is Pompeii. Since the 19th century, Pompeii’s ruins have been attracting tourists from all over the globe, making it one of Italy’s relevant attractions. What makes Pompeii an interesting place to visit is the volcanic ash that blanketed it after the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. There’s a lot to see and experience in Pompeii, that is why going to this place must be a part of your Italy tour.

 Nestled not far from Naples, this destination is often a part of the Naples day trip tour. Pompeii is a large town, so expect attractions and interesting spots in every turn. The walk along the ruins of Pompeii must be the most famous part of your tour. Being its priceless feature, the ruins of Pompeii is something you should not dare miss when on this side of Italy. The Amphitheatre is the place to be when in Pompeii, as it is the oldest surviving amphitheater of the country and one of the highly-preserved in the world. Used in gladiator battles, the Amphitheatre can hold up to 20,000 spectators. Meanwhile, The Great Palaestra, which is just opposite the Amphitheatre, is worth visiting as well.

The archeological sites in Pompeii will make your jaw drop in amazement. Some of these include House of the Vettii, House of the Faun, Temple of Apollo, House of the Tragic Poet, and The Basilica. Some of these ancient buildings contain impressive frescoes, including the intriguing Villa Dei Misteri, the House of the Ancient Hunt, and The Lupanar, where the subjects of the art include pornography, haunting scenes, and the initiation of women into the Cult of Dionysus.  The sites to explore in Pompeii seem endless, that is why it is best to join group tours so you will not miss out on any of the city’s world-class attractions.

Because Pompeii is such a lovely place, it is not at all surprising if you wish to extend your stay. Most of the accommodations are close to the tourist attractions, so finding a place to sleep is a breeze. From high-end hotel accommodations such as Hotel Maiuri to simple yet homey bed and breakfast like B&B Pompeii The Faun, there is always a home for visitors having a holiday in Pompeii. Dining options are extensive as well. Take note, however, that you should be very careful in choosing where to eat, as the restaurants near the attractions can be very expensive. Pompeii’s Panino, a filled bread roll sold in food stands, is a must.

Pompeii’s appeal goes beyond tourism. Much of the experience gained in touring this side of Italy is the fact that it remained strong despite the challenge caused by Vesuvius. Up to this day, excavations are being done to unearth new features, adding more reasons to visit Pompeii. With a bundle of attractions and sights to see, you surely will have a memorable time in Pompeii.