Guadeloupe, Carribean

Known as the Butterfly Island courtesy of the shape of its two major islands, Guadeloupe has everything a discerning traveler wants on a trip: picturesque natural scenery composed of lush rainforests, magical waterfalls, pristine beaches, and lovely villages; and urban attractions comprised of shopping hubs, dining options, and an active nightlife.

This place is interesting to visit as it has a fantastic combination of the Caribbean zest and French influences that shaped its culture, tradition, cuisine, and lifestyle. With incredible attractions in every turn coupled with thrilling activities to enjoy, your trip to Guadeloupe will surely be a memorable holiday.

Guadeloupe’s two large islands are connected by a bridge over the mighty Rivière Salée. The east side of Guadeloupe, called  Grande Terre, takes pride in its rolling terrains, white-sand beaches, luxury resorts, and Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe’s biggest city.  It is in Pointe-a-Pitre where premier shopping malls are located, as well as restaurants that offer local and international cuisines.

The island on the west, called Basse-Terre, has the Parc National de Guadeloupe and world-class beaches like Grand Anse. Because there is an excellent road system in Guadeloupe, you will never have a hard time getting around the city. For a much fulfilling experience, explore the corners of Guadeloupe through a bus ride where you can have a great time sight-seeing the beauty that envelopes Guadeloupe.

Apart from the two major islands, Guadeloupe also has other islands worthy to be seen. Les Saintes Island has the most beautiful bays, La Désirade Island has untouched natural scenery, Petite Terre Island’s natural beauty is equally unspoiled, Saint Martin Island has the French influences, Saint-Barthélemy Island is known as the jet-set island, and Marie Galant Island which is the biggest island outside the mainland. With these islands waiting to be explored, you surely will have a wonderful time appreciating what nature has blessed Guadeloupe.

In Guadeloupe, you are free to experience thrilling activities you normally do not encounter in your daily grind. For instance, the bodies of water encircling the city permit picnic sails, yacht parties, fly fishing, deep-sea sport fishing, swimming, diving, and more.  If you have an active nightlife, you can go to bars, clubs and casinos. Part of the Guadeloupe trip is savoring its regional cuisine, most particularly the Colombo. Imported from India, this famous local cuisine composed of rice, chicken, and curry is served in almost all restaurants in Guadeloupe. When you decide to prolong your stay, the accommodations here vary from mid-range to high-end, but all guarantee the home-away-from-home feel for your satisfaction and enjoyment.