British Virgin Islands – Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands, or the BVI as they are popularly known, comprise of more than sixty islands and cays, many of them are tiny and uninhabited. The inhabited islands are the most visited ones, and thanks to its charm and appeal, the British Virgin Islands have become a famous tourist destination in the Caribbean.

The economy of the British Virgin Islands¬†continues to be stable and strong, thanks to its tourism that acts as a major contributor to the region’s affluence. Among the inhabited islands, Tortola and Virgon Gorda are the biggest and the ones that generate the most number of tourists. Meanwhile, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada have also become popular destinations of tourists and travelers.

Each of the British Virgin Islands owns extraordinary beauty, remarkable features, and rich heritage. Tortola, BVI’s capital and largest island, takes pride in its white and fine sands, stunning beaches, and ancient ruins. Here, a variety of activities await tourists, from shopping and dining, diving and snorkeling, and plain relaxing and unwinding. Virgin Gorda, on the other hand, is popular for its yacht clubs, high-end resorts and luxurious villas.

Anegada is another splendid island popular with snorkelers and divers. The island plays host to colorful corals and a wide variety of wildlife that can be found only on this side of the Caribbean. Because Anegada is just 28 feet above sea level, this island is called the “Drowned Land” of the British Virgin Islands.¬† If nature-tripping is already achieved, it is best to go to Jost Van Dyke for a break. What this island is proud of are its highly-preserved Dutch architecture, sugar mill ruins, and the interesting legends behind each historic structure.

Because throng of tourists flock all year round, all types of accommodations have become available to people who want to make the British Virgin Islands their temporary home. All the inhabited islands have their accommodations to boast of, ranging from luxurious resorts, decent bed and breakfasts, relaxing villas and spectacular campsites. Whatever the lifestyle and preference are, there is something to make the British Island stay truly amazing.

Dining in British Virgin Island is something to look forward to as well. Nothing beats the experience of dining along the shoreline and eating the newly-cooked fresh produce, with the fine sand, pristine waters, and mild wind in the background.¬† May it is a casual dining in one of the beach bars, or an elegant, fine dining in an upscale restaurant such as Harry’s Place, eating-out in British Virgin Islands completes the package of a memorable island escapade.