Anguilla, Caribbean

Anguilla, a once British colony and once inhabited by people of African descent, is an island that sits in the Eastern Caribbean on the east side of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It is an island that is easy and casual, embraced by natural beauty, and housed by warm and welcoming locals. With its pleasant appeal and attractive features, Anguilla Island has become a world-famous destination in no time.

The economy of this quiet and tranquil island hugely depends on tourism, and that is because throng of tourists flock to this region all year through.   European and U.S. cities easily access Anguilla via St. Maarten. Some visitors enter the island via Marigot, or through private boats from the pier close to Princess Julianna Airport. Because Anguilla has a compact size, getting around the island by foot and appreciating its surroundings is such a breeze. Renting a car, bike, and mopeds from agencies is a popular choice, while riding taxis is also a good option as the drivers charge a tourist-friendly fixed-rate when getting around.

To stay and sleep on the island is an ideal way to feel and experience Anguilla’s loveliness. Here, there are a good number of accommodations for visitors who wish to linger quite longer. From boutique hotels such as Anacaona Boutique Hotel to luxurious ones such as Bird of Paradise and Sheriva Villas, there is a home that caters to varying tastes, lifestyles, and budgets.

To eat the freshest catch of the day in the local eatery along the shoreline is the best way to embrace island life. But since the island has become a prime tourist spot, the dining scene of Anguilla has become exciting and colorful as well. Restaurants such as Straw Hat Restaurants, Barrel Stay, and Da’Vida are only a few of the many restaurants that have sprawled in the corners and streets of Anguilla. From local cuisines to international culinary, there is a wide variety of food for every food enthusiast having a holiday on the island.

The island hosts tons of activities for everyone to enjoy, and thanks to its impeccable weather, these can all be easily carried out. Its pristine beaches are for water-lovers who love playing in the seas, strolling in the sands, and simply lounging around for relaxation and slowing things down. Horseback riding is popular as well, most especially for families with small children. For total pampering, there are Spa establishments and Wellness Centers found in hotels and every turn of the island. Anguilla may be famous for its mile-long white beaches, but its irresistible features and inviting elements clearly state that the island can be enjoyed in more ways than one.

What makes Anguilla an endearing place is the atmosphere it exudes. It has the perfect blending of a laid-back and undeveloped island and high-style and fashionable amenities. With the pristine beaches and stunning turquoise waters as the backdrop, Anguilla is the best destination for an unforgettable holiday.