Things to do in Thailand

One of the best things Thailand offers as its brand is the famous rock formations in the blue turquoise waters. And the best way to enjoy that view is by boat. One or multiple-day excursions are available to enable you a good view of this magnificent landscape. The trips are combined with other activities like snorkeling and kayaking, making your travel experience fantastic. You can visit to check out some of the best kayaks you can use for your trip. You can also make a romantic voyage just for you and your partner, but everything depends on the price you are willing to pay. You can visit all the biggest tourist attractions in Thailand.

Sailing / Yachting when on a vacation in Thailand

A lot of sailing activities from Phuket will allow you to visit floating villages and of course Nail Island, better known to us as James Bond Island. By visiting this place you can see the beauty of the island as it was shown in the James Bond sequel “The man with the Golden Gun”.Sailings to the Surin Islands and Koh Tarutao National park are also available, as are lessons and private charters for more enthusiastic travelers. Except for these, there are many other places to go while in Thailand.

Cultural Experience when you are on a vacation in Thailand

The cultural experience is a fantastic way to enjoy your vacation in Thailand. Thai dance accompanied by Thai music is one in a lifetime attraction that you must see. This also comes with a Thai dinner giving you the opportunity to taste Thai cousin as well. Thai theaters offer you shows with masked dancers and puppets, presenting to you Thai history and Mythical Buddhist tales. Another famous attraction that comes from Thailand is Muay Thai – combat sport that is always performed with some very loud traditional Thai music.

Honeymoon in Thailand

What more do you need when you combine exotic beaches, fantastic people and mystic culture than a wedding or a honeymoon, to complete your travel experience in Thailand? Not to mention that most of the resorts in Thailand offer honeymoon or wedding packages, you would probably figure it out that most of the travelers use Thailand for this purpose. All who have spent their honeymoon in Thailand claimed its a dream come true. After all this dream paradise travel destination is all made of dreams.

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