Oxford, England

Oxford is an important academic city in England and the oldest one at that. Nestled just 50 miles away from the equally popular London, Oxford is accentuated with small yet gorgeous villages which aptly reflect the vibe of Old English.

Anchorage, USA

Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, is nestled in the Alaskan wilderness, and the picturesque natural scenery that envelopes it is enough of a reason why this unique city is a world-acclaimed destination.

Wisconsin, USA

“America’s Dairyland” is what Wisconsin is known for courtesy of its dairy heritage, but because this part of the United States is home of thousands of inland lakes, as well as two great lakes– Lake Superior and Lake Michigan– it can be aptly called as “America’s Waterworld” as well.

Galveston Island, USA

Galveston Island is where most of the cruise ships with port of call in Texas enter, but there is more to this place than a ship entry point. The island is in fact one of the sought-after resort destination, as more and more hotels, shopping centers and restaurants have sprawled over the years.

Pamplona, Spain

Those who have been in Pamplona wish to come back to face again the remarkable experience Pamplona extends. If you are given the opportunity to be in this top-rated destination, do not think otherwise.

Amadora, Portugal

Nestled in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Amadora, originally named Porcalhota, is one of the biggest urbanized cities in Portugal. Though most of its parts are residential areas, Amadora has vibrant commercial and historic districts worth seeing and exploring.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is not just the Arizona state capital, it is also USA’s sixth largest city. Its huge size is able to house numerous attractions of varied interests, such as nature, history, arts and festival, not to mention its shopping hubs and dining scene.