Abu Simbel, Egypt

A major tourist attraction in Abu Simbel is the temples complex built in commemoration of Pharaoh Ramsis. Rather than this, the little town has nothing much to boast in terms of tourism and only attracts a handful number of tourists.

Giza, Egypt

While Giza is a city in its own right, it has been absorbed by the sprawling and heavily populated Cairo Metropolis. The close proximity of Giza to the famously known pyramids of Giza has made this city very popular among international travelers.

Hurghada, Egypt

In the last twenty years, Hurghada has gone from one of the quietest fishing villages on the Red Sea to one of the most popular cities in Egypt. Its new found wealth has mainly been down to the popularity of the place with tourists, who flock here from all corners of the globe, to experience tranquility, serenity and some of the best diving spots in the world.