Best Places to Go on Your First Tropical Cruise

If you haven’t been to a tropical destination yet, you’ve probably seen these places many times on television or in magazines. Also known as heaven on Earth, the tropics have everything you need for a perfect vacation: great weather, white sand beaches, crystal clear water, stunning biodiversity and fresh food. Once you step foot on … Read more

Does an open road mean an open heart?

Hawaii sunset

How often have you heard the expression that experience comes with time? We heard it too often and decided to change it. In our opinion, experience comes with traveling! If you spend your whole life surrounded by the same people and customs, how can you know what else is out there?

The Best Vilas to visit while on vacation

There is no person that can stay unamazed when it comes to the golden Mediterranean coast. Sunbathed coast kissed by the gentle sea gave birth to one of the most luxurious villas. Montenegro is a country well-kept away throughout the years and now it has slowly begun to show us what it has been hiding.

Porto, Portugal

The city of Porto is nestled along the hills that lead to the majestic Douro river estuary. Famous for having a historical center that is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest cities in Europe dotted with cobbled streets, lovely plazas, old churches and quiet villages, Porto has become one of Portugal’s attractive cities.