Paraguay is located in South America and it is a landlocked territory. The country supports its economy through its incredibly abundant natural resources. Additionally, Bordering is home to the largest reservoir for drinking water in the world at Guarani Aquifer.


Chile is a country that stretches along the South American coast hedging itself between Pacific Ocean and the Ades. It borders Argentina, Bolivia and Peru to the easy, north east and north respectively. Its wide spread coastline is over 5000 km along South Pacific Ocean.


The South American country of Argentina boasts of having a long coastline at the southern parts of Atlantic Ocean which makes it a hot spot for both international and local tourism. Argentina is a large county country and it is home to both the lowest and highest points in South America which are the Cerro Aconcagua Mountain and Laguna Del Carbon respectively.


Brazil is a notoriously famous country in the world for its football tradition. Being the largest South American country, Brazil is a home of diversity. The Amazon rain forest also puts Brazil on the global map in addition to other famous landmarks like Iguacu Falls.

Top tips for Ski Holidays

Top tips for sky holidays

Skiing holidays can be one of the most exhilarating experiences in life! Whether you enjoy gently skiing the green slopes, a nice long lunch and the scenery, or you enjoy spending your time ripping the powder and shredding the park, the beautiful mountains and fresh air of the ski resorts are unbeatable!