Why visit the Bahamas this holiday season?

The Bahamas is quite inviting and entices people to visit at least once in their lifetime. Many visit this place just to enjoy the golden beaches and Tiffany-blue waters. However, there is much more to enjoy here apart from the photogenic sea and sands. This country boasts of having 700+ islands & cays, considered to … Read more

Catchin’ Caicos is the Yacht Charter for the Luxurious Turks and Caicos Adventurer

The Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean are known for their sparkling crystal-clear ocean, relaxing white-sand beaches, and exquisite barrier reef system. With sunny skies and perfect weather being possible all year long it is no surprise that this Jetset destination is a highly desired location for tourists. Additionally, with forty islands spread out … Read more

Why Visit Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is a Caribbean island that is famous for its sandy beaches and coral reefs. Thus, it is a popular tourist destination for all nature lovers across the world. People love to swim in the ocean or walk along the beaches while admiring the beautiful scenery of this place. However, sailing in Antigua has a … Read more

Female travel in the USA

Are you female planning to travel solo or with a group of female friends to the US? If you love to push out of your own comfort zone, you might be planning to tour the country all alone, but are skeptical about whether it would be safe for you to do that. These are some … Read more

Free Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Have you ever visited Las Vegas and if the answer is yes, did you manage to stay on a budget, or was it ‘breached’ by far? Traveling to expensive cities like Vegas can be stressful and exhausting and you never end up spending what you wanted!

Why Toronto should be in top 3 on your bucket list

If you asked us when is the best time to visit Toronto we would honestly say that we don’t know. It is as magical in the winter as it is during the warmer season of the year. The winter has a certain charm and everything seems to be adaptable to the snow but during the summer it all wakes up!