Ayers Rock, Australia

Ayers Rock, otherwise known as Uluru is largely believed to be the single greatest landmark in Australia. There is no doubt that it is the country’s most famous and visited natural landmark. The rock majestically rises to over 1142 feet on the relatively flat desert floor in central Australia.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and serves as the capital of the state of Victoria. The city is the cultural capital of Austria as depicted by the Victoria- era architecture, museums, art galleries, extensive shopping, large parks, beautiful gardens and many theaters.

Cairns, Australia

Cairns city serves as the gateway to the well known Great Barrier Reef, Far North Queensland inn Australia. With a population of nearly 200, 000 people, this cosmopolitan city is completely focused to tourism industry which has made it extremely popular among international travelers.

South Island, New Zealand

South Island in New Zealand Region features grand open landscapes which give the area a sense of freedom and space. It is divided by a mountain called Southern Alps and the entire region is characterized by snow topped spectacular mountains, golden sand beaches, broad plains and clean, deep fiords and extensive beach forests on the southern side.

The Twelve Apostles, Australia

Situated off the shores of Port Campbell National Park The Twelve Apostles is a vast collection of various limestone stacks. Thanks to the proximity of the limestone stacks to one another, this site has become one of the most popular tourist attraction sites in Australia.


The huge city of Sydney in Australia is also known as Harbour City. It is the continent’s most cosmopolitan, oldest and largest city. It enjoys a great reputation as being one of the most livable and beautiful world cities.