The colorful city of South Korea – Busan

The colorful part of Busan is the Gamcheon Culture Village. The village was once the slum of Busan, which is located along the hillside over the city. During a massive project, it got turned into one big piece of art, making it one of the most popular attractions in Busan.

Why renting a Villa while in Bali


Bali is, as you know, an island in Indonesia and it is a true nature’s diamond. Imagine it like this: you landed in your dream vacation site and the first thing you feel is warm air and fresh sea breeze softly touching your skin.

Phuket as a true Thailand gem

If you want to know more about their culture, people in Phuket are more than happy to show you around. If you are lucky you might also be a part of some of the local festivals like Phuket travel fair in November or many more.

Bangkok, Thailand – Travel Guide


This right here was what we felt as soon as we stepped foot in Bangkok, Thailand. Being tired of all the stories we listened to and all the photos and videos, we decided to buy tickets and go on a trip with a lot of expectations. But we came across a problem since Bangkok exceeded our expectations!

How to get by in Hong Kong, the safest city in China

Another thing you must be familiar with when getting by in Hong Kong is transportation. More than 90 percent of residents use public transportation since it is safe and easy to use. Speed is an issue as well so don’t act brave and choose to drive a car when you leave for an Arron early in the morning.

Best Things to See and Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is an ethnically rich, sociable nation that is modern and comfortable yet has managed to hold on to its environmental beauty. The nation is a mix of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Arabic, Peranakan, European and other cultures and its landscape is dotted with temples and mosques and churches. There are many things that you can … Read more

Health and safety advice for a road trip around Indonesia


Road trip around Indonesia is not just an ordinary vacation. This place is so wild and unknown and as much as it is refreshing, it is also not that safe. What people take care of the most is health, as they should! Sometimes health insurance is enough and covers it all but when it comes to Indonesia, there are a lot of rules you should follow.