What to do in Qatar during the World Cup

The sales period of the second FIFA World Cup 2022 tickets has already begun and fans are rushing to reserve their seats. Well, if you are going to visit Qatar, here we give you several reasons to visit this beautiful country beyond football.

In two decades, this country was born from the sands of the desert and became a destination that offers high quality, modernism, and luxury. Here we mention some of the reasons to visit Qatar, beyond being the next venue for the 2022 World Cup.

For its culture:

The old has always found its way to urbanization in Doha in the form of forts and towers. You can visit stunning places like Al-Jassasiya, Al Wakra, Al Wajba Fort, and Katara Cultural Village where festivals like the Traditional Dhow Festival and Palestinian Heritage Festival are organized, as well as concerts, or Al Zubarah Fort. Archaeological remains in the latter date from the 18th century, but the fort, built-in 1938, is the youngest structure. This is Qatar’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Qatar desert adventures:

If you only have time to do one thing in Qatar, go to the desert. The sand dunes are as tall as they are steep, making driving across the desert to the sea a spectacular experience. The bashing or dune driving experience can be taken for a half-day, full-day, or overnight, in which case you can spend the night in a luxurious Arabian camp or pitch your own tent, eat local food, and sleep under the stars.

Souq Waqif in Doha Qatar:

It is more than 250 years old and has a labyrinthine alley with shops full of fabrics, spices, sweets, kitchenware, and souvenirs. Not only will you find woodcarvers and tailors at work, but you’ll be able to see how the traditional ‘agal’ accessory used by men to keep their clothing in place is made. Of course, haggling is the key to being able to take the best memories home.

For your Dhow rides:

To enjoy the city’s skyline, you have to get on a dhow boat. At night, they are illuminated and have an interesting selection of music. On this walk, which extends up to seven kilometers along the Bay of Doha, you have a view of the famous skyline of the financial district of the capital of Qatar.

The ideal place to stop to take photos is near the building of the Islamic Art Museum, where the port is also located, where the traditional boats that were used to collect pearls, and which are now used for tourist cruises and events, dock.

Qatar State Grand Mosque:

Space must be made in the itinerary to visit the Great State Mosque. The exterior is pleasantly intimidating, with the appearance of an impenetrable fortress, while the interior is impressive. At night, the exterior of the mosque is particularly beautiful, as it is illuminated with purple lights.

Another mosque that will leave you speechless is the Katara Mosque, located in the center of the Katara Cultural Village site. A mosaic of tiles with touches of red and yellow.

You will be impressed by the intricate designs and equally intricate interior. Accompanying the mosque are three pillars full of thorns that reach the sky. The contrast between these overwhelming structures and the beauty of the mosaic walls is truly amazing.