Western Australia Travel Spots

Many travelers consider Australia to be their dream destination. It is the world’s largest island and smallest continent. Although Eastern Australia takes away the limelight, there are plenty hidden travel spots to visit in Western Australia. But you need to plan your itinerary in advance and avail Margaret River Accommodation to have a relaxed stay.

Exciting travel spots to be in Western Australia (WA)

  • Karajini National Park: This national park is over 2 billion years old and spans about 4,178 sq.m. or 6,274 sq.km. It is located in the very heart of WA and is the region’s second largest park. It boasts of having gorgeous rugged scenery, abundance of recreational experiences, arid land ecosystems and ancient rock formations. There are several activities here that you can indulge in. It includes swimming in spring fed pools below Fortescue Falls, climb Mt. Bruce, Oxer Lookouts views and explore Wildflowers. Dunsborough Accommodation is a
  • Coral Bay & Exmouth: Coral Bay’s small town is located on the Indian Ocean’s edge. It is here that the amazing Ningaloo Reef is located. Although it is a less known than the popular Great Barrier Reef, it is an amazing marine paradise. This reef is also a popular holiday spots among West Australian locals. Its white beaches, coral gardens combined with laidback seaside town makes it a great place to be. Family and solo travelers should book Margaret River Accommodation to make most of the trip. This beautiful reef extends to Exmouth, a small, but most visited resort town. It is a dream destination for snorkelers and keen divers. It is also gateway to closeby Ningaloo Marine Park popular for its migratory whale sharks, colorful fish and coral reefs.

  • Eighty Mile Beach: This beach extends approximately 220 km. and in the simplest form is surf, shells and sand. You can come across endless white sand beach stretches, scattered seashells, rocky shores along with seagrass meadows. This beach is popular for its turquoise waters and panoramic vista. It is also a great site for camping beach fishing, beachcombing, swimming, bird watching or simply relax watching the magnificent sunsets. Dunsborough Accommodation allows you to be refreshed enough to explore the region further. You can check out the major flatback turtles nesting area, dolphins, dugong, sawfish, mangroves, coral reefs, etc.
  • Derby: This small town is located on King Sound’s edge and is popular for enjoying the highest tide in any Australian port. With approximately 36 feet or 11m tidal, enormous water rushes in & out in every six hours. Derby is also home to the great ‘Boab Tree’. It is also the right place to enjoy sunset. Trusts and locals visit the pier every evening, claim a spot to watch the sunset having a couple of drinks. This tradition began with the construction of the first pier in 1885. ‘Boab Prison Tree’ is 1500 years old and located just 7 km away from the town. Getting Margaret River Accommodation will allow you to enjoy the tour.

With proper planning, you can make sure that you do not miss out on any of the important locations in Western Australia. Also, Dunsborough Accommodation offers you and your family members with all the facilities to have a comfortable stay.