Traveling to Barbados

If you are traveling to Barbados for the first time, you need to be equipped with some vital information. This will allow you to be better prepared to handle situations better and know what to do and avoid at that new place. The fact is, every destination is known for its unique attributes with a few being more quirky when compared to others. However, if you plan to save money and have a comfortable stay during your trip, you should book Barbados Holiday Homes.


Essential things you should be aware of before making the trip to Barbados

  • Camouflage: In many countries, wearing camouflage is a fashion trend. However, in the Caribbean, it is regarded to be a ‘faux pas’. Camouflages here are mostly reserved for the armed forces. Hence, chances are your items could be confiscated or face fines. You can get more valuable information from the staff at Barbados Accommodation.
  • Red Caps: These are unique to Barbados and are referred to as baggage porters. You are sure to come across them on arriving at Grantley Adams Intl. Airport. The porters carry heavy items, luggage to the curb side against a small amount. Those travelling heavier can find their services to be valuable.


  • Time: Time here rather moves quite an easy pace. They follow island time (Bajan time), something different from that of traditional time. Perhaps, it is more of gauging the time frame than knowing precise time. A few Bajans are found to be notorious for being late. If they mean 3, it could be well around 4 or later, depending on with whom you speak. But you may always on the disciplined staffs at Barbados Holiday Homes.
  • Safety first: This place is a tourist-friendly destination. However, it is not completely devoid of crimes. You should be careful when travelling out at this new place. Avoid exploring at late night, unlit streets or shady people. Secure your passport and valuables in hotel safe. Book decent Barbados Accommodation that offers enhanced security.

Barbados beaches

  • Machineel: Barbados is filled with machineel trees that dot the beaches. When sunny, they provide good shade. But it is not wise to take shelter under it if it rains or consume green apple type fruit that it bears. Its consumption may cause severe blistering. You will find a red band marked around its trunk and avoid it. The knowledgeable staff at Barbados Holiday Homes will provide assistance to help you stay comfortable and safe.
  • Tap Water: Taps here are 100% potable, allowing you to drink directly without any worry.
  • Sea Urchins: Also referred to as ‘cobblers’ locally, they are found in shallow water during certain seasons. You should tread carefully in water to avoid steeping such sticky suckers.
  • Beach Wear: Generally, it is reserved to be worn for the pool or beach. You may choose to wear a stylish cover-up or a maxi dress to hit the street after completing your beach activities.

With some research, you are sure to find a good Barbados Accommodation within your budget.