The ultimate guide to discovering the Mediterranean coast

The Mediterranean coastline spreads its wings for more than 29.000 miles in length. Being so long, it is almost impossible to visit it whole in one vacation trip. Having said that, in the text below we will mostly mention the European part and how to book your dream vacation!

13 European countries take pride in their part of the Mediterranean coast. And how would they not since most tourists say the sea touching this coast has the most beautiful shade of blue. The best thing about this coastline is that it is so well connected that you can visit it whole by train in a couple of weeks. And if you feel like an adventurer, you might even be brave enough to take the car.

Rhodes Greece

Let’s start off by mentioning Spain. A popular destination Valencia, Barcelona, or Tarragona, the choice is all yours. Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or a party that never ends, rest assured because this coastline will offer it all.

As you go along, you will enter the French Mediterranean coast. There are many small cities decorating it but what we would set aside is Marseille or Nice. Daydreaming is inevitable there. These urban yet laid-back places are so charming that it can be difficult to imagine that there is something better waiting after the next hill. But there is, and it is Italy.

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When we are talking about the country where volcanos sleep, Genoa should be the first city mentioned. It is an ancient port that hides many secrets yet to be revealed. Cinque Terre represents a small paradise on the Mediterranean coastline. These 5 lands are perfect for couples in love since it has a special hiking trail that connects all of them. And once you see the view from some of the hills, you will be left speechless.

Greece relies on this coast when it comes to tourism and for a good reason. Amazing olives bathed in the sun combined with homemade cheese make a perfect salad to enjoy while watching the stunning sunset on the horizon.


One more country worth mentioning and often underestimated is Montenegro. Litteral translation means black mountain but it is so much more than that. This is probably the smallest part of the Mediterranean coast and it is so well kept from the world. The best part of it is the people. They seem so rough on the outside but they will give you the hug as warm as the sun to make you feel welcome. For dinner in Montenegro, you can choose whatever the fisherman caught that day and the chef will be happy to prepare it for you. From the mountains to the sea, there is so much more to see.

If you have less than 10 days free, don’t choose this trip. It will take a bit more time to gradually soak in all the beautiful Mediterranean coast has to offer so take your time. Breathe deeply as you take each step. The view can be different but soon you will notice that the air is the same. And that, our friends, is the true charm of this wide coastline.