Santa Cruz – Explore a California Beach Town

Santa Cruz is located in the popular beach town located in California, United States. This quintessential beach town tends to awaken nostalgic memories related to the distant summer pasts while inspires a whole new generation. It is also considered to be a classic spot to bask in the warm rays of the sun. The best way to start having immense fun is at the beach. But to make the most of your trip and to enjoy it to the maximum, you are to book the top Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals.

Must visit places in Santa Cruz during the trip

  • Seymour Marine Discovery Center, Long Marine Lab: It is a popular research facility that is affiliated with Santa Cruz UC. It features several marine exhibits and aquariums. Adjacent to this facility is kept Ms. Blue, considered to be the skeleton of the largest blue whale in the world. Capitola Vacation Rentals provides great comfort, relaxation and all facilities required to explore the region fully.
  • Beach Boardwalk: It is a legendary boardwalk that comprises of vintage roller coaster and a Giant Dipper. They have managed to thrill and excite visitors for more than 90 years now and still remain an important part or the tour. Looff Carousel was constructed in 1911 and comprise of 73 hand carved horses that prance proudly still now. Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals have ensured that they have everything to make the guests safe and comfortable throughout the stay.

  • Surfing Museum: It is established within Mark Abot Memorial Lighthouse. It boasts of providing tourists with valuable information on the surfing history of over 120 years that Santa Cruz has to share. Outside the museum is present a plaque that the Hawaiian royalty descendants had donated. It was they who had managed to bring and promote surfing in the mainland. If you are seeking a better accommodation to stay with your family, then you should not look beyond Capitola Vacation Rentals.
  • Santa Cruz Wharf: This wharf had recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary. It stretches into the blue waters of Monterey Bay for about half a mile and is lined with restaurants and shops.
  • Downtown Santa Cruz: The downtown has a clock tower and is the town center. It features tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly streets filled with art galleries, boutiques and sidewalk performers showing their interesting antics. There is also present a vibrant farmer’s market that opens weekly including the monthly antiques street-faire. All this adds to the town’s charm and make it welcoming. Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals are well-maintained and offer the kind of homely coziness that families and individuals seek.
  • California University: This University is located atop the sprawling hillside. Visitors can easily access its trails, arboretum, galleries and performance halls.

Other interesting activities in Santa Cruz

  • Take your binoculars during fall to ‘Natural Bridges’ State Beach. You can get to view monarchs in thousands in a well-protected eucalyptus grove.
  • You should explore the scenic 3 mile path West Cliff Drive that is located between Santa Cruz Wharf and Natural Bridges.

There are plenty of activities to indulge and places to see in and around Santa Cruz town. It requires proper planning and booking the best Capitola Vacation Rentals.