7 Ways to Get Discounts from Private Jet Empty Leg Flights Companies

Discounts are the best thing a customer can receive when they book private jet empty leg flights. Empty leg flights are already discounted but there are many ways to get an even better rate on your empty leg flight.

In this article, we will discuss how you can get discounts on your empty leg flight booking.

  1. Do Your Research

Many people think that if they book with a company directly they will receive the best deal. While this is sometimes true, it is not always the case. Do your research and see if other charter companies offer a different rate than the charter company you want to fly with.

You should also check and compare rates for different types of aircraft for your flight. While many people like to have a certain type of aircraft for their flight, sometimes you might be able to find the same type of aircraft from another company at a lower rate.

  1. Sign up for Company’s Newsletter:

You can sign up for the newsletter of different empty leg flight companies and get latest updates about their upcoming deals. You can also subscribe to their social media websites. These companies update their website and social media profiles with latest deals and offers and by subscribing to these websites you will get news about them at your e-mail address or your social media profile.

  1. Check Out All of Your Options

The first thing you should do is check out all of your options before settling on just one company. There are many different companies that offer empty leg flights so take some time to shop around and compare prices before deciding which company is best for you.

If you can’t find any empty leg flights or discounted tickets, ask the company if they have any discounts available. Some companies offer discounts for first-time customers or those who sign up for their newsletter.

  1. Book in Advance

The best way to get a discount from an empty legs flight company is to book your flight well in advance. Most companies will have at least thirty days before they are fully booked. If you wait until the last minute, they may not be willing to offer you a discount.

  1. Schedule to Fly during Off-peak Times

Another way to get a discount is to schedule your empty leg flight during off-peak times. For example, if you are flying on weekends, you may want to consider scheduling your empty leg flight early in the morning or late at night. These times are generally less busy and you can save money by avoiding the peak times.

  1. Ask the Private Jet Charter Broker

Another option, which we recommend, is to utilize the services of a charter broker to handle all the logistics for you. Charter brokers are experts in their field and should know the entire charter market inside and out, including which operators have empty legs available at any given time.

  1. Book Online

Many companies also offer additional discounts for booking online. You will be able to take advantage of online specials and promotions when you book your trip through an online company instead of going through a traditional travel agent or company. Online companies often give great discounts and special offers that can save you money on your trip.

So, those were some of the best ways to get discounts on empty leg flights. Be aware of these ways and you’ll be able to save a huge amount of money.