Why visit the Bahamas this holiday season?

The Bahamas is quite inviting and entices people to visit at least once in their lifetime. Many visit this place just to enjoy the golden beaches and Tiffany-blue waters. However, there is much more to enjoy here apart from the photogenic sea and sands. This country boasts of having 700+ islands & cays, considered to be home to several walking trails and national parks, it also offers a few of the world’s top diving spots. Booking Bahamas charter flights in advance will allow you to visit this place in style.

Top reasons to visit the Bahamas

  • Vibrant nightlife from sunset to sunrise: Well-craft brewpubs, amazing nightclubs, and elegant cocktail places are part of the nightlife portfolio here. You should visit Atlantis Resort located on Paradise Island to experience this wonderful nightlife. You should also order the signature and popular Pineapple Passion cocktail at Sea Glass bar. You may also consider visiting the Pirate Republic to order a locally produced beer.
  • Boat exploration trips: There are over 700 cays & islands present in this region. You may charter a yacht to have a grand sailing experience. The nearby Green Turtle, Treasure, Elbow, and Man-O-War Cays have numerous people-free beaches and sheltered anchorages. You may also avail day sailing tour to the hammock-topped uninhabited Sandy Rose Island from Nassau.

  • Towards Grand Bahama’s southern coast is present one of the world’s largest underwater cave systems covering 40+ acres. It is preserved by Lucayan National Park. There are two caves here that can be visited on foot. Burial Mound Cave is where the Lucayan, the earliest inhabitants of the island lived. Ben’s Cave is known for its friendly flower bats. The park also boasts of having mangroves along with boardwalks drifting towards Gold Rock Beach filled with white sand.
  • Scuba diving: The Bahamas is indeed an amazing place to be for scuba divers. Andros Barrier Reef is counted among the world’s largest barrier reefs. You can also discover underwater shipwrecks like the 80m sunken freighter named ‘Theo’s Wreck’. The waters here also teem with a variety of wildlife like turtles, rays, seahorses, etc. If adventurous at heart, you may visit Tiger Beach to dive along with tiger sharks.

  • 2,000+ beaches: This is one of the main reasons for families, couples, and groups to choose to visit the Bahamas at any time of the year. Taino or French Leave Beach on Eleuthera is less crowded. You may also prefer Cabbage Beach, Junkanoo, or Cable beach on Nassau. Long Island’s Love Beaches has corals that make the sand to appear a bit tutu-pink hue.
  • Retrace Pirate steps at Nassau: Nassau’s history is termed to be much saucier when compared to a soap opera. Being Bahamas’ capital, it was established in 1670 and was once considered to be a pirate stronghold. There are several locations here that claim to have a rich pirating history. It includes Fort Fincastle designed in 1793 to safeguard the islands from the marauding pirates.