How to write a book while travelling

There are many experienced and budding writer who desire to write a book while traveling. However, it is not this easy. With some tips from the experts, you can realize your dreams. Visiting new places, trying new things and getting to meet new people can be motivating and inspiring. Aspiring writers, journalists, poets and novelists can benefit from this a lot. But achieving writing goals will not be that easy. For this, you need to be determined, disciplined and well prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Tips to follow

  • Plan Schedule: Routines according to professional writers do make a huge difference especially when travelling. Create a writing schedule during your vacation that should be realistic and achievable. Waking up early will allow you to have more time to focus on your day-to-day writing goals. Even while having lunch, you may jot down ideas. However, the schedule should not compromise on your writing ability or travel experience.
  • Set goals before departure: Prepare a writing-to-do list prior to your departure. Is the goal to a particular set of stories or chapters, daily word count or editing something written already? Setting clear goals is crucial especially when traveling and writing.
  • Benefit from transit time: A delayed flight or bus might mean wasting precious time on waiting. This time can be utilized wisely to write, edit or brainstorm new ideas. This way, you will be able enjoy your experience without having to worry about counting words.

  • Pack pen & notebook: This is essential for all travel writers, irrespective of visiting any off-the-grid campsite or tourist city. You cannot rely on power sources and internet. Hence, following the traditional method like a pen and notebook will allow you to put in your experiences immediately.
  • Maintain Travel Journal: Doing so will allow you to practice this writing art wherever you travel. You can write on places you visit, interesting people you come across and things you engage in. It helps honing writing skills as well as inspire you to start your next project.
  • Set clear boundaries with all travel companions: People you are traveling with might pose to be a major challenge. You need to spend quality time with your family members and friends. It is better to discuss your work plan with them. Tell them clearly how much, when as well as how often you will require writing. Doing so will help reduce conflict including your own guilt. At the same time, you can have fun and also meet your specific goals effectively.

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